African Grey Parrot


African Grey parrot breeders need to possess the qualities that are essential when rearing the Grey parrot species. The parrot is one with excellent intelligence and is known to be a favorite pet. Most breeders of the African Grey Parrots usually employ a number of different methods that sets apart  many breeders of this species, each possessing their own unique ways to train the African Grey Parrots. 

When rearing the African Parrot experts say that the breeders need to possess and observe certain qualities of behavior when raising and training these very intelligent birds. There are two main characteristic behaviors needed by a parrot breeder when raising the African Grey parrots. 

The first one is to understand the role of the wilderness in helping the parrots grow and wean. It is vital for the breeder to be able to catch an African Grey with the best qualities that will help it become independent and develop its intelligence by providing them ideal environment to thrive. 

The second is to learn how to domesticate these highly independent birds. African Grey is a parrot species that is known for its superior intelligence over their other parrot counterparts. As they are born in the wilderness they have strong characteristics that make them very independent birds. Their instincts and superior intelligence are important traits that make African Grey dominant survivors even when they are taken out of the wilderness. 

It is important for parrot breeders to acknowledge the need of helping the bird to adjust to their new social surroundings which is a man made set-up. Breeding them to become sociable birds is very important although African birds which are widely known for their intelligence and survival instincts adapt fairly well to the changes of a social set-up.

Experts further define the need for the parrot breeders to realize the complex behaviors of the species which cannot be solely expected to learn new adaptive behaviors. Instead, they need to be provided with proper guidance and training.

Taming and training the birds require skills and knowledge about the characteristic behaviors of the parrot in order to preserve and protect their main characteristics as highly intelligent bird species. 

Those who rear the African Grey parrots should also know how to preserve the endearing characteristics of the species through proper parrot care and learning the best practice of maintaining the creature’s charming nature through proper breeding. Each type of parrot will have unique and individual care needs and experts always stress for breeders to know what kind of parrot care to give to meet the needs of a particular type of Parrot.

Many pet owners prefer the African Grey parrots because of their entertaining nature of being able to speak and mimic sounds. Breeders of this parrot type are required to obtain valuable information about the proper rearing of these birds in order to preserve and bring out the best of the bird’s intelligence and special characters. 

Rearing African parrots is not just an easy task to undertake. It requires valuable knowledge about the bird’s characteristics and behavior while learning how to protect, preserve and improve it at its best. Proper handling and rearing by the African Grey parrot breeders will help improve the quality of the future generations of these species.