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The past century the colonialism that was the predominant feature of that time named Africa the Dark Continent. Of course, the nomenclature reflected on the colour of the skin of the indigenous people, but it does seem a bit stupid now to call the continent that might well be our collective homeland by a possibly derogatory term.


Africa is the second largest continent in the world after Asia, as well as the second most populous one. It is home to a bewildering number of races of people and it is almost impossible to define the term African culture. As per one estimate, the continent is home to more than one thousand different languages that can be classified into four distinct families of languages, the Afro-Asiatic, the Nilo-Saharan, the Khoisan and the Niger-Congo families of languages.


Most paleoanthropologists agree that Africa is the womb of modern humans, i.e. the Homo-sapiens. It can be confidently said that Africa was the oldest inhabited corner of the world and whatever the condition of the continent is today, its urban lifestyle used to be an example to the rest of the world in the millennia gone by. After all, we sometimes tend to forget that the great civilisation of Egypt did develop in Africa.

The decline of the continent can be traced to the rise of colonialism and the despicable concept of slave trading. The continent lost millions of pairs of hands that could have helped in the development of the area to colonies overseas and thus it sunk further into misery.

Africa Today

Today Africa is a popular tourist destination and millions of people from all over the world go there in order to get closer to nature. African safaris are especially popular among tourists and the national parks are some of the most popular destinations. After all, Africa still is the most pristine natural continent in the world.

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