Affordable Cabin Rentals in Colorado and Breckenridge


Colorado and Breckenridge are both situated near the mountains. Being major holiday destinations, especially during the winter season, there are numerous cabins you can rent in this area.

Colorado and Breckenridge are two major destinations during the winter and the summer season. During winter, many go these areas to experience the thrill of downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. Plus, you can add the many wonderful activities like snow shoeing, snow boarding and snow tubing among others. During the summer season, these areas provide adventure for many hiking buffs. Other summer activities include hand gliding and paragliding.

Since these two are amongst the top vacation destinations in the US, there are many cabins that you can rent in this area.


Cabins in Colorado are set in the middle of the famous Rocky Mountain, offering a worthwhile vacation experience. Colorado cabins are perfect for honeymoons, family reunions, romantic getaways, anniversaries as well as retreats. Many tourists visit Colorado because of its beautiful canyons, forests, valleys, sand dunes and stunning mountain tops.

The state of Colorado has a large amount of cabin or cottage rental accommodations with luxury to basic facilities. There are numerous choices starting from cabin or cottage designs to the ones near the skiing and hiking locations in this area. Colorado is packed with activities such as fly fishing, biking, mountaineering, scuba diving, ice climbing, mountain climbing, horseback riding, snowboarding, kayaking, and many more.

Cabin or Cottage Rentals in Colorado:

• Small Nordic Cabin or Cottage

This cabin is ideal for those who love fishing, climbing, scuba diving and mountaineering. It offers a comfortable guestroom that is complete with a gas fireplace, cable television, and kitchen utensils. You will also be provided with a dining and living room. They also have private bedrooms that have over-sized beds and wooded queen beds. Small Nordic Cabin is located at the base of the ski area. The cabin can hold up to a maximum of six people.

• Rocky Mountain Cabin Rental

This cabin is perfect for couples who are in their honeymoon. It is located near Cripple Creek and Pikes Peak. It offers a gas fireplace or wooden stove, satellite color television, kitchen utensils and hot tubs. The Rocky Mountain Cabin is a smoke-free cottage. The average price of the cabin rent is 15 US dollars per night.

• Warner Pines Cabin

This cabin is located along the Colorado Sangre de Cristo Mountain. It has a great overview of the wet mountain in its front door. At the back, an overview of the Sangre de Cristo Wildness Park is in sight. Three king-sized beds are guaranteed in this cabin rental facility.

The rooms have the following amenities:

– fireplace
– cable television
– kitchen utensils
– microwave oven
– full bathroom
– storage closet
– shower with heater


Breckenridge combines an excellent mountain leisure time with a vacation experience. All visitors of Breckenridge are welcome at their Towering Mountains such as the Rocky Mountain, Hill Missouri and Moose Mountain. Aside from the attractive mountains, Breckenridge offers a lot of activities that anyone will deeply enjoy like a round trip to the nature, tree planting, biking, diving as well as camping. Live entertainment is also what Breckenridge is all about.

Types of Cabin or Cottage in Breckenridge:

• Executive Log Home

This beautiful mountainside cabin is a perfect place for family reunions, church group outings, weddings or honeymoons and spending time with friends. It is situated along the Continental Divide. There is a lake near the cabin that is good for fishing, boating and swimming.

Every room in this cabin has the following:

– cooking utensils
– telephone
– cable television
– private bath tub
– microwave oven
– refrigerator
– bathroom

Cabin rentals for this Executive Log Home facility cost only 145 US dollars. This is on a per night basis.

• Summit Ski Cabin

This attractive cabin is near Main Street of Breckenridge. It is also just a short distance away from the Breckenridge Golf Club. A shuttle bus will accompany the tourists and bring them to their cabins.

Summit Ski Cabin has the following amenities:

– three colored television sets with cable or satellite
– internet access
– full kitchen utensils

This cabin also offers activities such as boat riding, fishing, mountain climbing, and biking. A night in this cabin costs around 210 US dollars.

• True Rustic Cabin

This amazing cabin has three bedrooms and a king-sized bed. Visitors will enjoy their sizzle gorgeous stone design. On the other hand, the wooden design of this cabin also makes its guests feel one with all the surrounding naturist ambiance can offer. In room amenities would include kitchen tools, a wooden stove and cable or satellite television. Thus, Rustric Cabin is known for being very near the famous Ouandry Mountain and RJ Mountain. The rate of this cabin is only 89 US dollars per night.

• Breckshouse Cabin

This modern ski cabin is near Spring Vail. Hence, this cabin is good for the budget-conscious travelers. Each room has a wrap-around table, full kitchen tools, dining room, a full bath tub and an over king-sized bed.

Breckshouse Cabin guarantees stunning view of the Santa Rosa Beach. There are also lots of activities to enjoy in this region such as air ballooning, sky diving, mountain biking, boat riding, camping, climbing, and skiing and going on picnic retreats. This cabin costs around 145 US dollars per night. They allow pets inside their cabin rooms.

With all the wonderful pleasures Colorado and Breckenridge cabins can provide, it is best to check with them first with regards to the facilities they have and the close proximity they can guarantee towards the attractions of their region.