Affected By The Eu Directive 12 Billion U.s. Dollars Guangdong Product Or Rejected – The European

{flickr|100|campaign} And EU Environmental protection Directive into effect next month
Chinese Qi Cheng exports to the EU
Electrical Products are affected, 1,500 businesses were attacked in Guangdong
New EU environmental directives (ROHS Directive) will be officially implemented on July 1, will launch the European market

Electronic Electric Equipment In Lead , Mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated Alliance
Benzene And polybrominated diphenyl ether content of six hazardous substances will be strictly controlled. According to statistics, ROHS Directive standards involving ten nearly 200,000 kinds of electronic products category, the total export volume of China’s exports accounted for more than 70%, while the person is expected, Guangdong will have 1,500 by the impact of mechanical and electrical product export enterprises.

Qicheng affected mechanical and electrical products exports to the EU
According to statistics, Guangdong’s machinery and electronic products exports to the EU
Trading Accounts for 1 / 3, close to 80 billion U.S. dollars in exports, while exports to the EU, approximately 70% of the mechanical and electrical products are ROHS range of products. From July 1 this year, the production in Europe,

Pin Sales of electrical and electronic products must display “
No Injury “sign, and provide test reports. If it is found false or detected over a limited six hazardous substances will be blacklisted and not be informed of all EU imports and sales, and will impose heavy fines.

To experts, the EU ROHS and WEEE directives involving the two products
Package Ten categories including 20 kinds, and most of them belong to strong exports of electromechanical products in China. Have implemented two directives, will be involved in export of Guangdong, more than 1,500 electrical and mechanical enterprises affecting the EU, large

Home Appliances , Small appliances , IT And Communication Equipment , Illumination Equipment, Electrical and Electronics
Tool Class, Toy Leisure And Sports Equipment, Medical equipment Class, Monitor Apparatus Class, vending machines categories are now being challenged, directly affected the exports will Chaobai Yi dollars. Some suppliers who fail most likely face the dilemma of export nowhere, will be eliminated directly.

120 mechanical and electrical products or refused
It is understood that many of the export of Guangdong enterprises, especially non-foreign background electric company, the product far from the ROHS directive, which

Power Line , Shell , Welding Material Such a high failure rate. In fact, manufacturers told journalists in China’s current

Industry Technical level has been totally compliance, the key is the associated costs to many SMEs fear head.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association released the information, said consumer electronics products exports to the EU’s total exports 32% of home appliances is expected after the implementation of ROHS directive, about 120 million Chinese machinery and electronic products will be turned away.

This, Zhuhai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau director Chiu-party chemical analysis, said: “Zhuhai and surrounding areas from the current testing situation,

Raw materials The first detection of a failure rate of about 10%, while
Machine The first detection of a failure rate of up to 50%. “It is reported that China ROHS called the” Electronic Information Products Pollution Control

Management Approach “was introduced in February this year, on March 1 next year began. This means that hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment containing products exported to Europe, if not, also does not work in the domestic market.

National Electrical Industry Association a relevant person in charge said that in the dual instruction before, a mechanical and electrical industry reshuffle is inevitable. Allegedly, to meet the EU standards, mechanical and electrical products

Parts Raw materials or changes in technology upgrades will cost an average of 10%, many businesses worried about declining competitiveness, and even luck.

Some SMEs will inevitably because of technical, information
Gold Below standard and the EU market “eliminated” or fought in domestic sales, a small number of competitive enterprises may even face bankruptcy.

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