AdWords Profits 2 – How to Get Lower Bid on AdWords


In order to get the most out of the AdWords, AdWords Profits 2 is one of best strategy that will help you to succeed in making money online. AdWords Profits 2 is not just about how you can beat a minimum bid $ 0.01 to $ 0.04 in AdWords but also you will learn all the strategy like how to choose good product and many other things. AdWords Profits really works for me and I hope it will for you too. Here are some basic knowledge that I learn to get a lower bid from AdWords Profits 2.

1. Choose the right keywords and that convert well

It is not about how much traffic that you can drive to your sites but it is about the unique traffic that you can bring to your sites. Unique visitors are potential enough to buy stuff that you promote. It is such a waste to bid for the keywords that are not convert the visitors to buyer and what for to focus on that keywords. Some valuable things that I learn from AdWords Profits 2 are only bid for the correct and niche keywords so that you can lower your bid.

For example bid for keywords like “buy golf manual book” rather than “golf manual” you got my point right. Also don’t forget to use Phrase Match, Exact Match and Negative Keywords for all the keywords that you bid to make the bid become more lower. Negative Keywords such as Free, Scam, review and etc.

2. Bidding strategy

From AdWords Profits 2 I learn that most of people will bid too high for certain keywords and even worst they bid high for the keywords that not convert at all. For the keywords example that I gave you above that is for sure many people will bid for the keywords “buy”. The tricks that I learn is don’t bid it too high and don’t just rely on that keywords, look for other keywords that low competitor they are many out there.

3. Write the correct ads

Most people will just write the ads without knowing that writing the ads is one of the most important things if you want to promote something. This is because your ads is the first things that people will see before they click and visit your sites. With a poor ads even you have a thousands impressions for the keywords that you bid you will get a very low clicks and this will effect you bidding price for the keywords.

In AdWords Profits 2 I learn some good things like, I must attract people eyes and make they wonder what actually that I’m promoting to them. AdWords Profits 2 has the strategy how to do that and it is so simple that people keep overlook about it. There are many things you will learn like writing the correct ads to get the lower bid for example don’t forget to put your keywords on the ads and use call to action words like “Click Here” or “Now”. AdWords Profits 2 tell me how to do that without being reject by Google cause using call to action words.

3 simple tips to get lower keywords bid

1.Bid only the niche keywords that low competitors
2.Turn the “content network” in the Google AdWords OFF to get more lower bid for keywords.
3.Create mo


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