AdWords Marketing Tips – Checklist For Super Responsive PPC Ads


The most obvious way to get more traffic from Google AdWords is to simply get more clicks for your ads. This may sound like a tricky task, however, with some testing, it is simpler than you think. Here is a quick checklist to help you create super responsive pay per click ads.


Place your keywords in the headline & other parts of your ad such as your display domain name & the folder of your domain name. When keywords are bold, they get more attention which in turn gets you more clicks on your ads.


Can you ask a question in your ad or even in your the headline of your ad? People are conditioned to respond to a question so when you ask questions you will get more clicks. Just add a question mark at the back of your headline & your response rate will surely improve.

Numbers & Special Characters

There is just something about numbers & special characters that makes your ad stand out in a visual manner. Same thing, when you can draw more attention, your chances of getting more clicks will go up. Use specific numbers for even better results.

Limited Time Or Quantity

Is your offer limited by time or limited by quantity? If yes, show it in your ads. Create that sense of urgency in people so that they will click on your ad right away. Make sure it is really limited, not some fake scarcity tactic. People can usually see through you when you try to lie.


What the heck is that? When people ask that question, they are obviously curious. If you can get people to be curious about what exact is behind your ad, you are sure to get a lot of clicks. Make sure it is relevant if not you will get a lot of clicks with very little conversions & you will lose money very fast.