Advice For Traveling To American Cities

.tags Traveling to American cities is both a pain and a pleasure, especially for those flying in from other parts of the world. On the one hand, there are so many cities with so many famed attractions and things to do that it’s hard to make a choice. On the other hand, the airport security is so paranoid that it can be a major hassle just getting through.

Here’s a few tips that will help travelers with choosing a city or region to visit. As a start, the choice of destination will mostly depend on a few main factors such as purpose of the visit (family vacation, honeymoon, group tour, etc.), and the budget, season and so on. Let’s consider a few specific examples to clarify how vacations and trips are planned in America.

Without any doubt, the most popular time for going on a trip is during the summer. Summer vacations and family vacations are more often than not the same thing. The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is when family friendly destinations like Orlando and Anaheim are packed to the rafters with tens of millions of families enjoying the pleasures of the theme parks. A third type that matches this profile is a beach vacation, and this means a sunny coastal paradise.

America has a bucketload of these sun n’sand type of holiday destinations, including Southern California’s Pacific Coast and Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Not to mention the wonderful white sand beaches of the other states along the Gulf of Mexico, which even the BP oilspill hasn’t been able to spoil. Other popular beach vacation hotspots in America include the Hawaiian Islands, the two Carolinas and the beautiful New England Coast.

Speaking of New England, yet another popular season for traveling to American cities is during the fall. There are certain areas that are famed for fall foliage, and the New England states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine happen to be the most prominent ones. In the south, there’s Virginia and also the Smoky Mountain National Park, which is the most visited national park and quite famous for its fall colors and beauty. It goes without saying that this kind of trip is perfect for leaf peepers and people who enjoy the outdoors, not to mention as a romantic getaway for couples.

Also popular among couples are urban locations like New York in the North East and Los Angeles on the West Coast. New York is the perfect vacation for couples who want to have a good time, with fine restaurants, Fifth Ave shopping, Broadway theatres and famous attractions like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Los Angeles is just as fascinating, with Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Universal Studios and the restaurants and night clubs filled with celebrities.

When winter comes around, it’s time to head for the Rockies. This is where all the top-notch winter ski resorts are located, especially those in Colorado like Aspen and Vail. Other choices include the Sierra Nevada Range which includes Tahoe and Reno in Northern California and Nevada. Vermont is one state which doubles as both a fall hotspot and a winter ski resort destination.

Traveling to American cities is not a cheap experience, but there are some destinations where it is a lot cheaper. Las Vegas is for people who want to have a good time without spending too much (as long as the traveler doesn’t roll the dice or hit the slots). There are also family-friendly destinations like Myrtle Beach which offer decent family fun on a budget. America is a very big nation, and it’s hard to cover it a page unless it’s a map, but all the above information should be enough to provide a fair overview of the vacation choices.