Advantages Of Strength Training Programs For Women

.tags A popular myth that has been doing the rounds amongst women who are into fitness is that strength training can make one develop huge muscles. Most women are aware of the importance of exercises but surprisingly they are still under the impression that strength training is only for men. However women can also take advantage of the excellent benefits that strength training fitness programs offer.

1. Women who are planning to lose the excess weight can opt for strength training. It promotes healthy metabolism and helps a person to burn calories faster. It builds the muscle and the body starts burning calories even when it is resting. The more calories the body burns, higher are the chances of losing the extra pounds.

2. Strength training fitness programs can assist a woman in gaining lean muscle mass. This lean muscle mass, in turn, can help in burning calories. Generally speaking, each pound of lean muscle mass can contribute in burning 35 to 50 calories every day. For example a woman has 15 pounds of lean muscle mass. This means that she is able to burn 525-750 calories every day.

3. According to reports by NWHIC, osteoporosis (a disease in which bones become weaker and brittle) is prevalent in 8 million American women. Strength training can help in increasing the bone density of a woman and thus lowers the risk of developing osteoporosis. Research studies by Tufts University have proved that women who are into regular strength training have reduced risk of bone fractures.

4. Strength training can help in the prevention of injury of the body. It makes the muscles and tendons strong and thus lowers the risk of succumbing easily to an injury while one is exercising or performing simple activities like bending or lifting anything. This is particularly beneficial for senior women since the body starts losing the resistance power after one reaches a certain age.

5. Those who are into regular strength training have strong legs and core section. This helps one in achieving balance and body coordination, which is especially important for older women.

6. Doctors agree that chances of developing heart diseases are lower where a person maintains a healthy weight limit. Strength training has been recommended by The American Heart Association as a precaution against development of heart disease since it reduces cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. In fact women who are undergoing cardiac rehabilitation can also take up strength training after consulting with the doctor.

7. It is a known fact that vigorous exercises help one to get a perfectly shaped body. However not many are aware that regular exercises can also make one feel better. It can be a great mood lifter and provides one with a sense of accomplishment. In addition it increases the confidence level and self esteem. One can also indulge in strength training exercises to get a youthful appearance. According to research studies, the toxins that are flushed out through sweating during exercise help one in getting a glowing skin.

It is wrong to assume that strength training promotes only physical health. It has a positive effect on the mind as well. Women feel strong and accomplished after they are finished with a great round of strength training sessions and these contributes in improving the mental health.