Adsense And Ad Blindness: The Future Of Internet Advertising


In this article, I am going to take a look at AdSense and ad  blindness and what this means for the future of Internet Advertising  and, in particular, Google AdSense.

I have read articles ad nauseam about the best place to put Google AdSense ads.  In reality, there is no one exact answer because  every website looks different.  The best way to find out what works best  for you is to take a look at the Google AdSense Heat Map (which is  Google telling you where to place ads…and they wouldn’t like because  they have skin in the game too), test out ad placements on your  particular site, and track their performance using Google AdSense  Channels.  This will tell you how ads perform very quickly for your  particular situation.

However, this article is not about the best place to put ads so  that people will click on them.  This article asks the question:  In  the future, will people click on AdSense Ads at all?

I have thought about this for awhile.  Obviously, if you base much of your earnings on Internet Advertising, the future of Internet  Advertising is of great importance.

Over time, since the advent of Internet Advertising began to take  hold in the mid 90’s, many people learned to differentiate between the  actual content of a page and the content that was advertising.  Most of  these people would simply ignore the ads and focus on the content.  This  behavioral pattern became known as ad blindness.

Obviously, ad blindness effects everybody who is in the business of making  money online through Internet advertising.

Another fact is this:  Computer savvy users are more ad-blind than  non computer savvy users.

This fact is not a mystery to anybody.  However, let’s look at the  logical leap of this statement as it relates to the future of Internet  advertising.

The older non computer savvy users are dwindling in numbers.  We will  soon reach an era that is 100% full of computer savvy users.  Thus, who  will be left to click on AdSense Ads or Internet Ads in general.

In an article that I was reading called What is Google,  the author points out a perfect example of this as he questions the  actual future of Google.

The author asked his mom and his sister to each view a webpage that  he had created.  He noticed that his mom–the non computer savvy  user–clicked on lots of ads.  However, the sister–the computer savvy  user–did not click on any ads.

Does this situation spell the end of AdSense ads and Internet  advertising as we know it?

It’s not an unreasonable question to ask.

However, advertisers continue to “up their game”.  How do I know? Well, this morning as I was updating my make money with AdSense website,  I saw an ad for an MTV toolbar that can be installed in your browser  and I wanted to click it.  I really wanted to click it!  But obviously, I  couldn’t because it was my website.

So, as someone who is computer savvy and normally ad blind, I still  find myself tempted to click on well-presented ads from these Internet  advertisers who have upped their game.

Do you?