Adjust Spectacles By Yourself

{flickr|100|campaign} One of the problems of spectacles, either prescription glasses, sunglasses or safety glasses, is that as time goes by, the screws are intended to get loosened. Another problem is that the glasses would probably slip down on face. Then encountering those problems, what would you do? When you find yourself not free or it a trouble to carry them to optical stores to get repaired by shop assistants, you should read the following tips which are thought to be able to help you out.

Use a small screwdriver or even a small knife to turn the screws round and round until each screw is made to be tight enough. When you find the sides of the frame do not loose and floppy any longer when worn on your face, the points of contact are tight enough. When glasses slipping down on your face, it indicates that sides of the frame are not symmetrical and one or both need some adjustment. Take off the glasses and put them down on a table. Adjust the frames until you find they side frames are directly perpendicular and orthogonal to the front frame.

If you wear metal frame glasses, you would encounter a situation where the frame body or legs are out-of-shape. Some people who have tried to bent them would always find themselves into a dilemma where the frames are broken down or the frames get anamorphic worse. The best way should be to firstly heat the sides of the frames with a warm air source, which can be produced from a hair drier. In this way, when the metal get heated, they are tend to be more flexible. Then you can adjust each side alternatively in small increments until they have achieved the regularity of the frame. By adjusting the nosepads inwards or outwards, the metal frames can be adjusted.

If you find your eyeglasses turn to be unbalanced on your face with one side bending up or down relative to the other side, you should firmly grasp at the hinge and then gently bend. Considerable force should be used, or the frames would also be broken down.

Here above are just a part of the tips for you to adjust spectacles by yourself. For more detailed and comprehensive information, please refer to