Adding Years To Your Printer

.tags Taking good care of what you already have saves a great amount of your money. And it also applies to your printers. Although you may say there are many printers already available online that are affordable and can give quality prints, it is wiser to know at least some pointers on how to properly take care of your printers to save your money.

Printing company reviews on printers reveal that taking care of your printer combination device is a great way to extend its life, and save your budget.

Many people, especially employees, expect that printers can take good care of themselves when something goes wrong. Printers according to online printing reviews are the workaholic office device. If you visit some companies, you will notice that almost always printers are on the run and printing. It has been said and was discussed on some online printing reviews that printers are often overlooked by its users. People or employees dont give much attention to cleaning not unless it already needs a change of ink. Not knowing that maintenance or taking good care of this device can make its life longer, here are some printing maintenance procedures that you can apply to your printer.

Printer Heads Adjusting

You can usually encounter a misprint problem on your printer. Printer heads that are out of alignment is the main reason. Getting heads back into alignment is a tricky task, which is why you want to allow the machine to check and adapt each time you install a new cartridge. Many smaller machines, designed for home use, will do this automatically. Larger models may leave it up to the user. Consult your manual for specific instructions. If you dont have a manual, scroll through the device menu.

Head Unjamming

If in case your printer head is jammed, one (or more) colors may print light (or not at all) even when you have sufficient ink. To un-jam a printers head follow these steps:

Turn off and pull out the printer cable. Always perform this step whenever you want to see something inside the printer to avoid electric shock.

Open the printers casing in a similar manner that you would to put in a new ink or toner cartridge. Set aside some screws for easier reassembling.

Take out the cartridge. If it is not empty then you need to put it on paper towels or in a plastic bag.

Find the printer head nozzles. They will be small tubes or openings.

Look for a jam. This will seem like crusting or a clog. Dont pull out the paper harshly, so as not leave any small cuts.

If you see a clog, get a pin or a needle. A pin or needle will help you remove some clogs. Slowly and gently insert it into the heart of the clog and pull slowly. The clog should either pull out or crumble.

If there is still residue left then you should wipe it with a baby or Windex wipe. After you have cleaned all the clogs, replace the ink and run a self-test. Printers have built in self-test printing.

As you can see, you just need to know some simple steps on how to take good care of your printer, whether it is a personal printer or office printer. By following the steps above, you would have an idea on some simple yet effective troubleshooting that will help add years to your printing device.