Adding Value Beyond Sport


Wouldn’t it be good to have wonderful role models out there in the sporting community, filling the newspapers and television news with stories of their positive exploits. Imagine all high profile athletes inspiring the next generation of athletes and the whole community to be better people themselves. Sadly, that is often not the case, with the media jumping on to any bad boy image, or social misdemeanour by an athlete.

Zig Ziglar said “Ability can get you to the top, but it take character to keep you there.” I believe it takes a combination of desire to BE a true champion, and understanding and living by the values of champions. Values are what are important to someone.

How often have you heard, or even used, the excuse – “That’s how I am!” This was a regular line used by a high-profile football player to excuse his behaviour off-field when he consistently over-stepped the boundaries of his team. Despite requests to tone down his behaviour, he continued to be outspoken and speak his mind, because “That’s how I am!!” I guess teamwork didn’t figure as high in his values as fame or perhaps, expression.

In actuality, we don’t have to resign ourselves to being the way we currently are. Isn’t that fantastic news! If the way you are is not serving you, your team and the results you are getting, than you can take steps to make changes. Create a new you.

Our unconscious mind is a wondrous and flexible thing, and once we become aware of thoughts, behaviours and even values that are limiting us, we can go about changing them. We can create a set of values more suited to how we want to be and the results we want to achieve.

When I first looked at values in the context of my career, I had financial reward ranked very low. I was more focused on working hard, being responsible, teamwork, making a difference to others, and fulfillment. It was no wonder I wasn’t getting far financially and that I was in a work environment where people were more devoted to helping and contributing than getting paid well for it.

Through undertaking coaching and courses aimed at the mindset, I emerged with a new set of values where “Making a difference” and Financial Reward could sit alongside each other very comfortably. In the past I thought that I had to sacrifice my own well-being for the good of others. What I discovered was that not only are they compatible, they are truly connected. What better way to make a difference, than to be financially abundant to be able to give my time and money to others.

I looked into the values of the world’s best known and best loved champions. From reading biographies on Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Greg Norman and Tiger Woods, to name a few, I have found that they all share the following common values: Integrity, Responsibility and Family. I consider these values a solid foundation to becoming a positive role-model for future athletes as well as having a successful post-sport career.

To find out what values would serve you best, look at others that have created success for themselves and discover what they value. Perhaps it is someone close to you or perhaps it is someone publicised in the media. You can either guess what they would consider important to them in life, or read biographies. Find out what makes other people tick so that you can add value to your own life and create similar success.