Adding Charm to Your Home


What is it about certain homes that seem to exude such a feeling of welcome and comfort and style? The moment you step foot into such a home you are greeted with an atmosphere of contentment that resonates with your entire being. It isn’t about money. There are many million dollar homes that exhibit the finest furnishings and accessories that money can buy and still lack the charm that even the smallest, most humble residence has to potential to achieve. So, if money is not the criteria, what is?

Let’s begin with the senses, starting with our sense of smell. There are many smells that cause a positive reaction in our brains, aromas like freshly baked bread, fragrant cut flowers, and scented candles. Any or all of these might be found in a pleasant and charming home. What about sounds? Lovely, soft music is almost always pleasing to encounter while loud, irritating sounds can often be offensive to our sensibilities. Certainly everyone has their own ideas of what is agreeable to them and what is repelling and their likes and dislikes should be evident in the atmosphere of their home. Sight causes a powerful reaction in our brains and we can immediately be either engaged or turned off by what we see.

Arrange your entry area so that the minute a person enters your home they are greeted by something pleasant to the eye. Many homes do not have the luxury of a separate space for an entry so typically the first room one would see upon entering the house would be the living area. That area can be made to be very inviting and welcoming. If there is room for a small table on which to place a lovely green plant or some fresh flowers or even a beautiful or interesting piece of pottery, that would be great. Even better would be the placement of a small lamp which could cast a cheery glow in the evening hours. Gather small pillows in various sizes, shapes and patterns to scatter liberally throughout the room adding interest and comfort at the same time.

Again, personal taste is the key to making your home charming so include the things that you enjoy. Many people, myself included, love books and always feel at home in a room where there are stacks of books on the tables or bookcases filled to overflowing. Photographs (especially if they are displayed in a creative and interesting way) can add personality and charm to a room in a way that few other things can. Just beware not to overdo it and allow space for other accessory pieces as well.

Lighting is such an important element to a home. Harsh, overly bright lights can tend to take the charm out of any room. Certainly there are areas where they are necessary, such as in the kitchen for food preparation and in work areas but for most other spaces lamplight is the way to go, thereby creating a soft glow that is appealing to the senses. Candlelight can also be a very desirable addition to evenings in a pleasant and comfortable home.

Get a mental picture of how you would like your home to look, feel and smell and then get started. Little changes that can be accomplished without spending a lot of money can turn your house into the charming home you desire.