Adding Agents to Flood Sandbags Can Turn Oil into a Solid


Whenever an oil spill threatens beaches, one of the weapons used to combat it are flood sandbags. They can absorb the oil and then it is removed at another location. Sometimes the bags are cleaned and used again. However, by themselves they are not the most effective weapon. When you add an agent like Enviro Armour™ to the flood sandbags, then any oil that comes into contact with them is immediately turned into a floating solid. Most flood sandbags are made out of woven polypropylene and are about 14 inches wide and anywhere from 24 to 26 inches long. It is best is their weight does not go beyond 40 pounds because they are easier to handle this way. Flood sandbags are mostly used for what their name implies – floods. They will absorb water and prevent it from spilling out into a dry area. When there are floods along river banks, you will see these bags placed strategically along the shore in hopes of prevent the water from flooding homes and streets. However, they can also be used for oil spills as well.

With the Enviro Armour™ agent added to the flood sandbags, they can become a powerful weapon that will stop the oil in its tracks. The oil is immediately encapsulated by transforming it into a floating solid that can be disposed of easier than a liquid. Also, the solid can be used as for fuel, asphalt, rubber and other raw materials. The agent is non-toxic and non-hazardous to humans so it can be handled without fear of contamination or killing wildlife or fish. While flood sandbags are great tools to have handy when there is a disaster like an oil spill, adding agents that can transform the oil is equally as important.  

Integrated Protection Systems (IPS) deploys the use of flood sandbags whenever there is a flood or oil spill that threatens beaches and waters in the Gulf of Mexico. They also use HESCO® Concertainer® units and add Enviro Armour™ to them as well. The units can be filled with materials like sand or Earth and act like a great wall of protection against oil spills. They are used for floods as well as beach erosion and even combat situations by the U.S. military.

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