ADAMS in the jaw crusher Design Optimization and Simulation

ADAMS in the jaw crusher Design Optimization and Simulation

Jaw Crusher is a mine production, construction materials and polymer processing equipment, chemical production of the main one is widely used in various metal and nonmetal mines, chemical minerals, and cement and building materials production and processing of materials. In recent years, with mining production and processing of building materials made of some new theory, users want granular ore crushing stages can be more granular as possible, fragmentation and better products. In addition, as the global phenomenon of mineral depleted, while maintaining or increasing the amount of metal and the premise of non-metallic mineral, ore processing capacity required to greatly increase, which is more demanding crushing equipment, but also face more challenge. Undoubtedly, the current backward jaw crusher can not afford the new period of production tasks, we must develop high-performance, low power consumption of new jaw crusher.

Abroad in the last century from the late use of computer simulation technology to jaw crusher body cavity, to optimize the yield and wear, developed a free plug points, low height, light weight, good grain products, high yield, high performance, low power consumption of new jaw crusher, thereby greatly improving the performance of crusher and shorten the product development cycle, improve the competitiveness of products in the market. However, jaw crusher domestic Simulation and Optimization of the study is limited to specific models of jaw crusher to prepare the corresponding program to optimize the design, reuse most of these procedures is poor, can only solve specific problems in specific models. However, content is optimized crusher according to the different needs of constantly changing customer requirements, and thus optimize the design of simulation often large and cumbersome to repeat the programming work, time consuming, but also extended the product development cycle. This paper attempts to use advanced design tools for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of the new jaw crusher for rapid development of institutions Simulation and Optimization of design parameters, which greatly reduces the workload of the simulation design and shorten the product development cycle, improve the simulation model reuse. In this paper, kinematics and dynamics of advanced simulation and optimization design software on the new ADAMS Jaw crusher mechanism design for simulation optimization, its main task is to optimize the crusher, vertical and horizontal discharge opening stroke and stroke coefficients, which increased crusher capacity, reducing the weight of crushing machine, crusher enhanced structural strength, reducing crusher liner wear, thus greatly improving performance crusher.

The proposal and the design task of optimization design model

With the global mineral depletion, and economic development of various metals and the increase in demand for non-metallic minerals, mining and construction materials used in major processing units jaw crusher, higher demands, therefore, the market yield, low energy consumption , high-performance jaw crusher demand greatly increased. In addition, the diversification of user demand, personalized products designed to enhance the modern higher requirements. New products discussed in this article PF1600X2100 Jaw Crusher is a manufacturer of a user’s new request. PF1600X2100 Large Jaw crusher unit weight of 150 tons, more than 4 meters Height, design and production of such a large jaw crusher is the first time in the country, on the design and manufacture of both opportunities and challenges. For the purpose of PF1600X2100 crusher design and production to achieve a success, to minimize the potential impact of product factors, using computer simulation technology to optimize the design of the simulation of PF1600X2100.

Optimal Design of organizations, including the determination of design variables, objective function to determine the establishment and design constraints, the three parts of the mathematical model of optimization design. Therefore, optimization of jaw crusher design should be based on jaw crusher eccentric shaft eccentricity and moving jaw on the bottom of the stroke characteristics of the objective function value to the crusher power consumption, production, machine weight, liner wear and crushing chamber performance as the optimization objective function, while also more than seven optimization objective to a combination of several of the function by weighting factors to optimize the objective function. One variable optimization through the combination of weighting factors when determining the weighting factors is difficult, it is often the situation in front of seven to optimize the design for the objective function.