Ad Word Generator Critical Overview


Anyone that has tried to earn extra income in the Google Adwords Game knows that it’s not as easy as some paint it to be. Just one of the challenges you will face is picking out the best keywords and making sure your landing pages are sufficiently optimized. Then on top of that, you need to make sure that the ads you’ve created are good enough to get people to click on them and that your click through rate is as high as possible. Finally you have to make sure that your ad copy in the body and title meets google’s maximum character count rules. Following these strict protocols can be cryptic for so many. Ad Word Generator was created to assist you in these types of tasks and make them easier.

Jeff Alderson and Rod Beckwith are the creators of Ad Word Generator. This tool contains a database of over five thousand sales phrases spanning over sixty categories that will help you a lot when you are constructing your adwords campaigns. This software has built in functionality that automatically counts how many characters you are typing in when constructing your campaigns, so you’ll know automatically when you ad supersedes the maximum allowable character count. The software also includes a spell checker to make sure your titles and ad copy doesn’t contain any typo errors. These quality control checks initiated by this software not only ensures that you have a typo free ad, but that they will meet google’s maximum character guidelines for adsense ads.

Not only this, but Ad Word Generator has somehow found a way to integrate their software with the google rule checker to make sure that not only these two rules are followed, but that all of google’s quality control rules are adhered to. Once you ad is 100% google friendly, you can finally post it live with just a few clicks. This tool includes an automated process of submitting all of your ads to google at once which is is a big time saver on your end. A lot of people out there these days suffer from writers block. I know I do myself at times. However this tool also comes with preloaded examples of great adwords ads you can peruse so you can come up with a similar ad that has a better chance of becoming successful.

No matter what niche you are in you’ll discover that these preloaded ad examples are categorized, so you should find great examples of ads regardless of what niche you are penetrating. Finding the appropriate ad copy for your next campaign shouldn’t be overly difficult considering there are 5,000 sales terms in their database to choose from. And if you want, you can enter any phrase you want into the system and the software will automatically kick out custom ads just for you. With all the aggregated features this software offers, you’ll discover that creating ads will start getting a lot easier and a lot more fun at the same time. At $ 97.00 it’s really not a terrible deal if you plan on running lots of adword campaigns in the future.