Ad Spy Pro Critical Overview


Ad Spy Pro is intelligence gathering software for Pay Per Click Marketers that’s made to be hosted on your own server, so it’s not an online software service. Jean-Philippe Schoeffel is the creator of this application. The advantage of this is that there are no subscription fees and you only pay a one time fee and own the software forever. Most of their competitors like Hexatrack, SpyFu and Keyword Spy make you pay a monthly fee and store all of their data on their own servers. So if you’re like most of us on a tight budget and the idea of another monthly fee makes you cringe, this software could be your best solution.

Market Research is important for any aspiring PPC Marketer to master whether they are advanced or just getting their feet wet in this game. Sure you can always do your own independent research on profitable niche markets, but most people aren’t experienced enough to do this on their own and are bound to make some type of mistake. And mistakes in this business will always cost you both time and money. While money can be earned time can never be reclaimed by any of us. The purpose of Ad Spy Pro is to allow you to dig deep into niche markets and reverse engineer competitor campaigns so you can find out exactly how they are making their money.

Launching a PPC Campaign is great, but you might not get very far unless you have the ability to analyze your competitors ad copy and list of keywords they are bidding on. If you know of ads that have been out there for a long time, chances are they are already successful. So all you have to do then is slide in next to them with similar (but not exact) ad copy using the same keywords they are using and chances are you’ll be on your way to a successful campaign yourself. Think about it like this, no one would start a click campaign and let it run for months without it being in profit and no one would be willing to absorb this type of loss over the long run anyway.

Since Ad Spy Pro is run on your own server and is not subscription based like all their competitors, there is not as much of an inherent risk of the data being compromised like it would be if it wasn’t residing on your server. Plus the interface is pretty user-friendly. However if you are a newbie I wouldn’t try to install this program yourself. Find someone you know who is technically proficient to install it for you or ask the programmer if they have any recommendations.

Most software developers these days have their own in-house installer who will install it for you for a modest fee, or they have a list of recommended installers. If this information isn’t readily available you can send in an email to their support and ask them yourself. Most monthly fees for services of this nature average about $ 97.00 per month, so at $ 27.00 this program is extremely affordable for everyone.