Ad Copywriting Made Simple


This field is wide and deep, and may fall out of the reach of the average person, so I shall stick with the fundamentals of writing ad copy also called killer Ad.

To improve readability, the use of short sentences of up to five lines is a must. It ‘s easier to read, and “Follow”, the text and the reader must “follow”! … They must follow word for word, and down to the form or the product that is sold.

There is more to this, especially if your goal is to get them to get their credit cards, but let us stay with the basics.

Killer words: words are very powerful in the copy of the ad text. Here are some words that cause a release of adrenaline from the brain of the readers …

Other words such as Inside, Outside, Reveal,Discover, Hidden,  Secret, and much more …

And here are some more:

vital, understand, right, you, results, proven, health, truth, safety, security, easy, comfort, advantage, guarantee, fun, proud, positive, money, profit, benefits, deserve, save, happy, new, trust, love, value, discovery

And the Not so good:

failure, obligation, cost, try, pay, deal, contract, sign, worry, loss, lose, hurt, buy, sold, death, bad, sell, price, decision, hard, difficult, liable, fail, liability.

Your text must also be written in a positive manner. People enjoy reading positively worded ads! … So do not hesitate to add a few good words such as happy, beautiful, like, happy, comfortable, enjoy, and much more! … And one of the most powerful of all the words of all is “Love”!

Other words to avoid: poor, sad, terrible, and worst of all … “Scam”  which is less obvious and even less obvious are words such as: Amazing and powerful. These words are obsolete, overused words in ad texts for the last 50 years. There was a time when these words worked very well in an ad copy but now do more harm than good.

Cap the first letters in words: This is one of the criteria of a good ad copy. Capitalize the first letter of some words throughout the text to give emphasis on certain selected words. Here’s a sample:

Hidden Secrets Finally Revealed!

Note: All initial letters are capitalized. You want to basically capitalize the first letter of certain words in the text itself, but not all words unless it is the title or sub-title!

There are many other ways to focus on in the texts such as bold,underline, and color, the latter dwells in the color psychology field and a science on its own.

Do not put emphasis in a random fashion. You can and will hurt your ad if you do this blindly without experience!

Also, readers are human and have “feelings”. Now do not go out and tell a sad story about yourself… It does not work well! Those who do are beginners. In fact, people do not care about you and why should they? Remember that people love to read ad copy that makes them smile!

There is debate in this area as if hurting the reader is as or more effective, but I base my suggestion on my own style of writing and experiences. Do not go too far and make your ad sound ridiculously too happy either.

You must give the reader importance and should avoid talking about yourself when possible. Use words like “you” and “your” throughout your ad and avoid talking about you! as in I am, I’m, My etc. ..

In addition, people can feel when they read through. I would not feel comfortable to read an ad full of spelling mistakes, and you neither. Be sure to check spelling, grammar, get your ad copy double checked by someone familiar with the English language if necessary.

Finally, benefits, benefits and even more benefits must run all through your Ad copy! I do not have time to explain in detail and it will be for another time.

I hope you enjoyed these tips …

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