Ad Copy Creator Pro Review


Creating great sales letters and ads that stand out in someones face and say “buy from me now” is imperative for your success as an Internet Marketer. Ad Copy Creator Pro was created as a tool that will allow you to do this. According to the creator of this software it is user friendly with a small learning curve. Also you don’t need prior experience with writing ad copy in order to make this software work for you. The software works on a simple question and answer format. You just go through a user-friendly wizard that will ask you specific questions and require you to fill out some fields.

Once you get through this process in one piece, you will have a sales letter made for you and ready to show the world. This software also includes premade templates with premade designs you can use, all you have to do is select the one you want to run with. But not only does this create sales letters, it also creates follow-up emails, articles, direct mail pieces as well as mailing list squeeze pages. Ad Copy Creator Pro also has a list of 600 built in power words and 500 verbs and action words that are made to further intice your visitors to consider buying from you.

A comprehensive list of custom opening statements are also included for those of you out there who tend to get writers block. If you like creating bulleted lists, which you should create a few on just about any project you roll out, there are over 100 different designs just for these. There are even 10 templates for creating price phrases. Depending on what template you decide to use, you can employ various strategies for diversified results. You don’t have to just stick with one particular scheme here. Overall the community of reviewers so far are safisfied with this product and claim it works well.

One reviewer mentioned for example that they purchased this software and after he did it made copywriting a whole lot simpler for him. He also mentioned that newbies in a lot of cases couldn’t afford to outsource to India or the Philippines, and this was a great way to get them started without shelling extra money for copywriters. And I can tell you from experience that a decent american copywriter with a college education and a good grasp of the english language can charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars just for one sales letter. This software is a fill in the blanks solution that makes the process of writing copy a whole lot easier and will work on a wide variety of copywriting tasks as mentioned earlier.