Activity Holidays In Sri Lanka

{flickr|100|campaign} Sri Lanka is a beautiful country full of an array of exiting and memorable days out and things to do during luxury holidays to Sri Lanka. There are numerous waters sports to choose from, as well as activities that you can do within the stunning scenery inland. The lovely climate and great facilities make Sri Lanka an exciting destination.

Sri Lanka has a large network of rivers, lagoons and reservoirs allowing for some great canoeing and kayaking experiences. One of the great destinations for tailor made holidays in Sri Lanka to the Kalu Ganga. This is challenging as well as offering a great opportunity to see Sri Lankas rare fauna and flora. With the boulders and 700ft waterfalls, adrenaline junkies will love the white water rafting and kayaking.

For the less daring traveler, there are many hiking opportunities allowing you to take in the dramatic and spectacular scenery. You can hike through cities, rural communities and even into the Knuckles Mountain Range. Whether youre experienced or a novice, there are some great hiking opportunities to suit everyone and allow you to take in the fresh clean air as well as the beautiful sights of Sri Lankas countryside.

The Knuckles Mountain Range is also the perfect place to go mountain biking as part of tailor made holidays in Sri Lanka. It has an interesting and varied landscape, an altitude of 1230 metres, great temperatures both during the night and day and an all round ideal cycling environment. , There is also a national cycle trail for those who want to cycle but not go on an exclusive cycling holiday.

There are also opportunities for mountain climbing in Sri Lanka. Its a great way to experience the Knuckles Mountain Range and is a great physical challenge.

One of the most popular pastimes during luxury holidays to Sri Lanka is water-based sports and activities. Whether you are there for a few days or a few weeks, there are plenty of exciting opportunities and one of the most popular is Scuba Diving. The coastline of Sri Lanka is surrounded by a vast coral reef, so the diving is fantastic and you will see some exceptional sights including colourful coral, shells and fish.

Another incredible aspect that can be taken in during tailor made holidays in Sri Lanka is shipwreck diving just off the coast, with the remains of centurys worth of maritime history to explore. If you are new to diving, you can to on a PADI training course at one of Sri Lankas many reputable diving centers. As well as Scuba Diving, you can go on boat trips, fishing trips and there are lots of fun water sports you can take part in.

As well as the land and the sea, there is another option in Sri Lanka! You can take to the skies with some paragliding. This is available all year round and is a great way to see the countries beautiful landscape. A popular spot is over the Makaldeniya ridge which offers a breathtaking view of the vista: an image that you’re certain not to forget until long after your luxury holidays to Sri Lanka have ended.