Activities And Toys For Car Trips With Kids

{flickr|100|campaign} Whether it is time for spring break or for summer vacation, a long journey or a mini vacation, car trips with kids can be stressful, upsetting and challenging, no matter what the ages of the children are. Ever since travel was invented, parents have been coming up with ways to keep children entertained. After all, when the children are entertained, relaxed and having a good time, the parents will too. However, it is always important that parents remember that it is much more difficult for children to sit still for long periods of time than it is for adults, so even if you have to pull in to a rest area and let them run for 10 minutes only, that 10 minutes could mean the difference between a fun trip for them or a miserable one.

Amidst the planning, packing and reservation-making, you must be sure to make time to devote to preparing for family travel. The right preparation will yield plenty of fun activities to keep them busy in the car, plane or train. There are a few rules to bringing things along on trips though, so keep these points in mind:

First of all, you do not want to have to pack a ton of batteries and keep track of them while replacing them constantly for some small portable DVD player or gaming system. Instead of spending $ 20 on batteries, why not spend that same $ 20 on a car charger for their device? Just about all devices have ports for power cords, so be sure to check that out. Avoid batteries whenever possible.

Second, make sure that you bring something that the child is interested in, not something you would like them to do. Travel with kids is hard enough; you do not want to spend your time arguing with the child that they should read the book you brought for them if they do not want to read a book. That will only frustrate both you and the child. Also, some people, whether it is during travel with kids or not, get car sick if they read or look at something close to them in the car. If your child gets car sick reading, again- do not bring a book! Plan some games where the child can look out the window for things, such as I Spy. You can also have a portable DVD system for them with their favorite movies that you attach to the seat in front of them or on the ceiling of the car so that they do not have to focus too closely to them if they get sick.

Finally, make sure that you bring more than one thing for your family travel! We all know that children have a tendency to lose interest quickly in things, so just because you can read an entire book for five hours by no account means that they can! Car trips with kids will be as good as you make it, so you want to be sure that you really think of the children when you are planning the time spent in the car, plane or train during family travel.