Action Meals Backpacking Meals

.tags If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys spending time hiking, camping and backpacking, you want to make sure you have adequate nutrition on hand for extended stays in the great outdoors. Action Meals backpacking meals are the perfect, no-fuss food solution that can go anywhere you do.

Action Meals is well known throughout Canada for supplying emergency rations and Meals Ready To Eat [MRE] to the RCMP, the Canada Forces and Parks Canada, along with other Canadian organizations. Their Self Heating Meals are invaluable for families and individuals who love to spend time in Canada’s rugged national parks, without the worry of having adequate nutrition on hand. Action Meals backpacking meals are lightweight kits that provide a hot, hearty, pre-cooked backpacking meal in 12 minutes. Everything you need to prepare delicious backpacking meals is included, without the need of matches, fire, a stove or electricity. All you need to do is add water [included] to the backpacking meal pouch to activate the heater, slide it into the heater sleeve, and allow it to heat. In as few as 12 minutes, you’ll have a nutritious, satisfying backpacking meal that will provide you with the necessary energy to carry on with demanding outdoor physical activity.

Action Meals backpacking meals come in a variety of delicious flavours, including Breakfast, a backpacking meal consisting of potatoes, sausage and beans, that provides 11 grams of protein to keep you full and energized during your trip. Other choices include Chicken and Vegetable Stew, Spaghetti and meatballs, Chicken Cannelloni, Macaroni and Beef Chinese style, Beef and vegetable stew, Beef macaroni in tomato sauce, Cheese Macaroni, and Beans and Wieners. All these backpacking meals will travel safely and conveniently with you, taking up minimal room in your pack, and providing you with reliable food options when you’re out in the elements, away from the usual tools we take for granted. Action Meals backpacking meals are ideal for extended camping trips in remote locations, allowing the nature enthusiast to have the most important supplies at hand, without adding too much bulk and weight that can slow you down. There is no longer a trade-off between partaking in your favourite outdoor activities and eating well. With Action Meals backpacking meals, you are able to do both.

Even if you’re not a hiker or backpacker, Action Meals backpacking meals make great food options for an emergency preparedness kit. If you live in a remote area prone to power outages or frequent extreme weather conditions, Action meals are perfect to have handy in case of emergency conditions. Backpacking meals have a much longer shelf life than typical prepared food items, and can be stored for use whenever they are needed. In addition, the heating sleeve included with Action Meals backpacking meals retains its warmth to be used to heat other items, and as a body warmer, if needed.

For more information about Action Meals backpacking meals, please visit their web site, actionmeals. There, you’ll find comprehensive nutritional information, as well as how you can order Action Meals for yourself or your organization. Once you’ve tried Action Meals, you’ll never want to tackle the great outdoors without them.