A Used Class-C RV For Sale – Your Source For Comfortable Travel at Garage Sale Prices


Have you been searching for a used class C RV for sale? These “mini-motorhomes” are a great investment for the family who loves to travel. A class C RV is a smaller version and is much less expensive than many other models. It’s built on a manufactured van frame and has an attached cab.

The amenities offered in these RV’s are impressive. If you think one of these units may be out of your price range, you may need to reconsider. There’s a great source for RV’s that is often overlooked. That source is the government auction.

How Do These Auctions Work?

Federal, state, and local agencies all sell items at auction. The RV’s may have been repossessed, seized for back taxes or criminal activity, or they may be surplus units that are no longer needed. You can find a used class C RV for sale in just about any condition you can imagine. Some are like new, especially the repossessions. Others are good for salvage and the rest are in between. These RV’s are expensive to store, so the faster the sale, the better. This means a chance at grabbing one up cheap! In fact, bids open as low $ 100 and it’s not unheard of to get an RV for 60%-80% below retail value.

Locating the Auctions

There are websites that list these auctions, which take place across the country. You’ll really be surprised at how many there are each day. Some of the websites will even email you when a new auction is listed or if an item you are searching for is due to sell. It’s very simple to place a bid. 

If you have been searching for a used class C RV for your family, check out a government auction. You’ll love how easy it is to place a bid and you just may steal a great RV for your next vacation!