A touch of magnificence ? Dhow Cruise Dubai


Dubai city is a magnificent city. The city of intelligence, the city of creativity, the city of art, the city of human brilliance, which has made some of the most outstanding and magnificent structures and things which cannot be defined simple in words. The magnificent structures and buildings which are magical in themselves are pride of Dubai. “Burj Khalifa” is the living example of it. The city landscape and the life style of Dubai are great in its own way. The shopping malls themselves are attractive and grand but the most happiest thing of these malls is that the branded, high quality and standard product are available at a reasonable price making your shopping budget effective and outstanding. It is not that only artificial or manmade beauty can be observed in Dubai, the nature has also bestowed best of its gifts on Dubai. The white beaches and beautiful oceans add a glamorous look to the city.

Dubai Tourism Department offers a large number of services for the entertainment and fun of the tourists visiting Dubai. One of such outstanding marvelous and extraordinarily awesome service is Dhow Cruise Dubai. A brilliantly designed water vessel with a traditional outlook which was constructed earlier for the purpose of carrying and transporting the good to the cities of UAE and even foreign countries but now modified for the purpose of entertainment and pleasure is what Dinner Cruise Dubai.

Dinner Cruise Dubai carries the passengers for a tour in the sea outside Dubai and its surrounding cities. The tour normally is carried in the evening time and the most preferable time is from 8 to 10 at night. During the tour the visitors and tourists gets a chance to view the most outstanding and marvelous look of the city from outside. The look is more attractive and spectacular because of the night. The cool and intoxicating breeze of the sea and the traditional Arabic music makes the night more calmer and peaceful. After the delicious Dinner in the most royal and rich dining areas and with the most delicious taste, the traditional Arabic Coffee is served which is a terrific experience for life time memory. Dhow Cruise Dubai is one of the most prominent services that Dubai provides.