A Third Party Review Of TraVerus Travel ? Can You Really Get Wealthy With This Travel MLM?


If you’re checking out this third party review, chances are you’re searching for information on TraVerus. While TraVerus has been around for quite some time, there’s recently been a lot of buzz online about them. In this simple review, I’ll cover some information about the company and their business opportunity. In addition, I’ll go into what you can do to position yourself ahead of 95% of your competition, should you decide to become a distributor.

First things first, let’s cover some information about the company itself. TraVerus is a travel-based network marketing company that does business in over 90 countries. It is based in Allen, Texas and has tens of thousands of distributors worldwide. The company is led by CEO and Founder David Manning. In addition, TraVerus is the exclusive travel partner of 5CTV and China Clicks2.

TraVerus markets several travel-related products in their portfolio. The first product is their Signature Trips, which are exclusive vacation packages for members and non-members. There are also trips for members which are pre-booked vacation packages and cruises that are available at wholesale prices. TraVerus also provides distributors with their own replicated travel booking website, where people can shop around, book travel, book hotel rooms and book car rentals on their own. There’s also a TraVerus Travel Club Extraordinaire membership which provides members VIP travel deals and perks that their entire family can benefit from.

While TraVerus also markets energy products and cosmetics through their Verus division and an online shppoing portal called GoYikes, their original and flagship products are the ones mentioned above that are travel-related.

Now, let’s go over the TraVerus business opportunity. You can become a distributor a few different ways, ranging from becoming an Associate for $ 20, all the way up to purchasing an Advanced Builders Package for $ 500, which comes with various products you can use, sell or give away as samples. What’s unique about the TraVerus compensation plan is that includes components of a binary model, a unilevel model and a matrix model. This is why the company refers to their compensation plan as a 3-D comp plan. The compensation plan provides many ways you can make upfront income with their different types of coded bonuses. There is also an opportunity to make residual income with their coded residuals, matching residuals and matrix residuals. In addition to that, the company has a car program for top leaders and gives you the opportunity to get paid on travel booked on your travel website. Overall, the compensation plan can be quite lucrative for the right person. Of course, if you’re serious about joining the company, it’s important that you look into the compensation plan details so you know what you’re getting into and how to advance through the company’s system.

In closing, TraVerus is a good company with a solid business opportunity. They have a strong management team, great products and a lucrative comp plan. In addition, if you’re looking to get involved with a company that’s service based, and participating in the booming travel industry, then TraVerus is worth taking a look at.

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