A Tent of Entertainment


Jugglers, tightrope walkers, clowns, ringmasters, and animals. Personalities a circus can not do without. Circuses are places or traveling companies giving us, especially the kids, entertainment. Traditionally, a circus temporarily visits one place then leaves weeks after. As time passed by, these circuses evolved to modern agencies staying in an office giving service as corporate event entertainers for all occasions like birthdays. Surely we’ve seen party entertainers Boston-based teams or entertainers from LA.

They’ve become more accessible and modern without moving away from the traditional ingredients of a circus like that clown in Boston who performs magic after stepping out from the van. This clown Boston-guy equipped with all his weapons to make us laugh and get amazed is no different from the visiting clown in Boston, Ma eighty years ago. Time passed by, yet clowns, jugglers and other circus friends of ours remain.

In the 18th century, modern circus began to be more popular in Europe with the use of horses galloping around inside a big tent. High-flying trapeze artists also seduced audiences from every facet of society. President George Washington also attended one circus performance during the establishment of the first circus in the USA.

In some countries, circuses have been a way of life. In China, circus performers are trained from childhood to be professional artists of their craft. In the USSR, on the other hand, the first communist dictator Vladimir Lenin used the circus as a way to express the party’s ideology. Both China and Russia reap the success of tradition by capitalizing on circus performances.

A ringmaster leads a traditional circus act. He introduces the performers and intensifies the acts through good communication skills exclaiming the dangers and excitement of the performances. Gymnastics and acrobatics demonstrate flexibility which appears to be not so human. The trapeze and tightrope walkers give thrill by displaying dangerous aerial acts. Clowns are the superstars who do it all. From magic to slapstick comedy and aerial acts, clowns make their statement clearly.

Daredevils who jump through burning rings or play with predators like lions and jaguars emphasize more danger and excitement. Fire eaters and human cannonballs also amazed kids and made them want to try the performance at home.

The circus is synonymous to fun. It serves as a mean for people to forget their personal struggles and escape from the outside world. Inside traditional big tents and along with modern-day entertainers, audiences enter a realm of excitement, fun, and worry-free environment. From small traveling teams to established amusement parks, circuses evolve for the sole purpose of its existence. Bring entertainment to the audience.