A Short Tour Of Valencia

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Is there a country more beautiful than Spain? It seems that for the millions of tourists from all the corners of the world who visit it every year the answer is simple: no, there isnt. Well, it is easy to understand their option, thinking that Spain is a land of contrasts, but beautiful ones: it has high mountain peaks perfect for any winter sport and shallow, crystal clear waters with white and delicate sands on sunny coasts, it also has traditions old as the world and very modern, even futuristic cities which display a very new, but beautiful architectural style. The number of possibilities for tourists is huge, especially those concerning the cities. If you really want to go to a city a little less agitated than the big metropolises but a city to keep your interest at a high level, choose Valencia.

Things you need to know about Valencia

The biggest part of the tourists who visit Valencia come from abroad; when their plane is exactly over the city, the first thing that pops into their eyes is the huge green belt which represents a very fertile land, a belt that surrounds Valencia from all sides. The locals call it La Huerta and it represents a major interest for them because it is a huge source of money for them as up to 4 harvests are possible every year. While there, you have to visit the so called Barracas, traditional houses owned by those who work in agriculture, houses that reflect the way of living of their ancestors. They are built with clay and have roofs of rush, so this is the reason why not all of them survived, but there are a few which stand as living proof of the past of Spaniards. The areas covered with all types of cultures, starting with rice and continuing with olives and oranges are extremely romantic and picturesque, especially in the summer and in the autumn. You should also visit the Albufera Lake because the romantic village of Palmar is situated at its feet. If you want to see the Roman heritage, go to Sagunto ferienhuser lloret de mar, where the ruins of the Roman theatre patiently wait for their visitors. Last but not the least, Jativa is a place that you have to see; it is a traditional town which still has remains dating back to each period of the country, so it is a very interesting mixture that you will definitely like.