A Sector Focused Guide to Tourism Training


The tourist industry is thought to be one of the world’s biggest industry with a worldwide market worth of over 5 hundred billion dollars. Lots of developing nations rely on tourism to form a large part of their GDP with some nations employing up to sixty percent of their entire working population within the industry. As well as this, one of the most competitive sectors to work in with jobs available in all imaginable sectors of the tourist industry – with training being essential to success.

The key industry sectors being cruises, airlines, destinations, tour operators, resorts, hotels and car rental. All of these rely on and tie in with the other commercial sectors, but do possess their own tourism training needs. This piece gives an overview of each sector with a view to assisting candidates to excel in the tourism industry.

Cruise ships are one of the most moneyed industry sectors. It provides jobs including cabin staff and entertainment people – and demands the loftiest standards of client service. When given jobs on cruise ships there are strict rules to follow whilst on the ocean or stopping for a day excursion. Each particular operator has their own specific systems and procedures and targeted tourism training can be sought for individual firms.

The word ‘destination’ refers to a specific place where tourists travel on leisure breaks. It is very competitive with each destination in reality competing with every other one – particularly when it comes to associated destinations. Tourism training is required in this industry sector, as tour operators must understand all the attractions of visiting a given destination as well as any health, safety or security points that could be associated with a place.

All airline companies are part of the IAFA and airline operators stick to their tourism training rules. With the current security situation it is very, very important that people performing roles for airlines or airports in any manner has a easily referenced past. Tourism training is crucial when working for an airline as some destination comprehension is needed – as well as excellent customer service skills. A 2nd language will also put you ahead of competitors, even at a simple level.

Tour operators sort out package holidays to numerous destinations. This has to do with coordinating all of the other various industry sectors and offering this data to clients. A great, wide ranging industry knowledge is needed – and as you would expect tourism training offers this. But high up professionals look at trade publications and industry organisations for legislation updates. Tourism training and related qualifications are crucial for tour operators because the levels of customer service need to be very high.

These are just some of the industry sectors that require good tourism training, the successful application of which is sure to help people have great holidays across the world.