A review of the movie the Fighter



The movie stars Mark Walberg as Micky Ward an Irish welterweight fighter who in between a pretender and contender and his brother train Dickie played by Christian Bale.

Also staring is Amy Adams as his girlfriend Charlene

Micky comes from a family of 9 brothers and sisters and everybody seems to have a fighters mentality led by Mom, the mother hen of boxing and all related in fighting

It isn’t an overly sophisticated bunch, but they seem to rally around each other and stay together for the cause.

Micky is divorced with one daughter who most stays with the ex and her new husband and he hooks up with beautiful but tough talking Charlene and there is some easy and beautiful chemistry between them throughout that really seems to still to the moment which is interesting for the usual fast moving boxing movie.

Dickie has been an expert fighter and had his day in the sun where he may have knocked down Sugar Ray, and yet has descended into drug filled activities that have had him on the wrong side of the law and sharply contradict is still active physical gifts and eye for training with the boxing.

Micky is uncertain of continuing this path and is not ultra confident as to how far he go as he try’s to refocus on his training and go for another launch not knowing that results forthcoming.

What this movie brings forth quite well is the celebratory aspect of sports and the somewhat melancholy aspects that all this even if it goes well it isn’t an automatic that all else will fall in place nicely in personal affairs and can grace be found even within the realms of defeat and nearing despair.

The same goes for Charlene, who is beautiful to all beholders, seemingly talented in many respects but relatively minor wrong turns in the road have seemingly gotten her no where and just like Micky talents in boxing have dicey elements, so do her own personal gifts seem dicey as to whether they will pay off in terms of her own personal fulfillment and happiness.

What makes the boxing scenes particularly interesting as the movie moves forward is that Micky seems to be somewhat the underdog and slightly less talented than the superstars he is now facing and can he rise being under the radar of the very best.

What shines through is that he is grateful even for the chance, with the boxing and with Charlene.