A quick review on two of the main e-mail marketing software providers


There are literally so many mailing software providers now offering the opportunity to build and manage your own mailing list and as such it has become increasingly difficult for a webmaster new to this particular form of marketing to make a choice based on all of the competing options on offer. However, there are obviously certain things you need to look out for in any e-mail marketing software and providing these main factors are met in the package that has been offered to you, then we envisage little problem from your selection of provider. Two of the most popular providers, in the USA at least, include Get Response and AWeber. This article will take a closer look at what these two competing options offer.

AWeber is one of the more well known providers of mailing list software. Their pricing points are some of the most competitive in the marketplace and the standard monthly charge is based on the number of subscribers you manage to pull into your list. AWeber includes all of the important features in any choice of mailing list software including the opportunity to customise e-mail templates, schedule autoresponders and even segment and track people who subscribe to your list. One of the main selling points of AWeber is their opportunity to try the software on a trial basis for on $ 1 per month. It’s very easy to implement the AWeber form code onto your website and this software generally is the software of choice for users new to email marketing.

A competing option in the marketplace is Get Response. Get Response is, much like AWeber, one of the more popular choices in the marketplace. Many of the features within Get Response are there to make your life that little bit easier, including the opportunity to, as above, schedule Autoresponders, create custom e-mail templates and also social media integration into email marketing campaigns. The main selling point for Get Response is the opportunity to try their services free of charge, which is something that many new webmasters are lured by.