A Personal Genie Attraction Formula ? Law of Attraction Program


Have you just about given up on ever getting the Secret to work in your life?  Have you tried every law of attraction program out there only to find that the attraction formula doesn’t work for you? There’s a reason for that and that reason is you.

Hold on to your response – I’m not blaming you.  Even though it feels like there is something out there keeping you from what you want in life – the only thing that is blocking your efforts is you – and your subconscious beliefs.

Subconscious Programs

A better word for that would be subconscious programs. We all have them – don’t think you’re exempt.  The brain is certainly mysterious to most of us and how it records data and where it stores it for later use is just now being uncovered in some of the most advanced brain studies.

As children, we were programmed mostly before eight years of age – and even earlier – with the beliefs, experiences, emotions and events that reinforced all that stuff by our caretakers.  Later on we took over and still filled the brain up with reinforcement, oftentimes, of our most negative beliefs about ourselves and what we could achieve in life.

How Do You Know What These Programs Are?

You don’t, unless you’ve spent a lot of time consciously working to identify them. Without lots of time and experience under the belt, that’s not as easy as you think.  But there are ways to fix this easily and effortlessly. And have fun in the process.

A Personal Genie Attraction Formula

John Petrov created a Personal Genie Attraction Formula called the Attractor Genie to help him get over his own subliminal blocks after spending quite a bit of money on other people’s programs. Its not that there was anything wrong with these programs, there principles were sound, they just didn’t work for him.  He had too much subliminal programming and he didn’t know how to eliminate it.

So he got busy working on a software program to change that.  And within 60 days he went from flat broke and depressed to living his dream life.

The great thing about this software is that it operates on so many different levels and appeals to all of your senses.  Whatever your learning modality may be, it’s covered under this program – which is why it is so successful.