A Night Out In Killarney, Ireland

{flickr|100|campaign} Killarney is a great place to visit not only for its beautiful scenery but also its buzzing night life. This beautiful town is visited by people from all over the world as there are so many places to go at night. Many people from outside of Killarney visit to celebrate birthdays, stags and hen nights as it is known as a great place all over the country.

Scotts bar is a great place to start your night; many locals and tourists visit here as staff and customers are very friendly and they occasionally has a live band. Also the Lane bar which is a part of the The Ross Hotel is popular as they serve cocktails here to your specifications; this bar is always very busy as it is a very stylish bar with great decor.

Night clubs are also a great option in the town; there are four to choose from which include:
(1) The Grand (2) McSorleys (3) Mustang Sallys (4) The Crypt. All four night clubs are a great places to spend your night. The Grand has a bar and a nightclub; McSorleys is great for tourists as you will find many visitors here and there is a hotel connected to McSorleys which attracts many tourists. The Crypt is connected to the Cube Bar and also the Towers Hotel. Mustang Sallys is also a nightclub which is popular with the locals in Killarney. There is a great variety of music from traditional to hip-hop available.

In this fairly small town of Killarney there is music of almost every type to be found at some venue. From traditional Irish music to hip-hop there is something for people of all ages.

For people who enjoy the traditional pubs, then there is a great range to choose from. For example the Tatler Jack, Dunloe, Dannymann, The Laurels, O’Donoghues are all traditional Irish bars; some of these bars have traditional Irish bands playing which many tourists enjoy as a part of the Irish experience. Although Guinness is the favourite drink locally these bars serve a huge variety of beers, lagers, spirits and cocktails.

Killarney is known all over Ireland as great place to spend your night out. There are so many options from clubs and pubs which include modern and traditional Irish bars. Also there are always events on in the Gleneagle INEC on Muckross road including plays, bands, musicals, and other acts. You will always find something to do at night in this brilliant town and there is always a great atmosphere and many events on all year round, especially during the summer time.