A lot of Pleasures with Heavy Jet for Charter Trips


In order to meet business demands, top businessmen usually opt to charter a Global Express heavy jet in case of a long travel. Within the heavy jet class of corporate jets in the charter market are a large number of different ones which can travel long distances and provide 9 to 15 seats. Some jets can provide more according to the seating configuration. Several types of jets together their capacities are listed below.


Manufactured by Bombardier, the Challenger 604 is a great example of this class. It has a cabin with many nice appointments that measures 28.4 feet long, 8.2 feet wide and a height of 6.1 feet. The seating capacity will handle up to nine passengers and will hold a lot of baggage with 115 cubic feet storage. Going from New York to California will be easy with a range of 4740 miles.


Produced by Dassault, the Falcon 900 heavy jet has seating for 12-15 people in a cabin that stretches 39 feet long. The cabin has a 6.2 feet of height and is 7.7 feet wide, and contains an exterior baggage capacity of 127 cubic feet. The range is 4259 miles and it can cruise very fast at 536 miles per hour.


The Gulfstream V heavy jet has a really long flying range of 7681 miles and can seat thirteen passengers. The cruising speed is an impressive 562 miles per hour. The cabin has interior baggage ability of 226 cubic feet, and the cabin is 50.1 fee long, 7.3 feet wide and 6.2 feet high.


The reasons are many as to why a Global Express Heavy Jet makes a useful option for corporate travel. The most important reason is these jets can really be very cost effective for really high level business people due to saving time. The time value of these executives is really high, maybe thousands per hour, so if you have ten of these people traveling in a party then you have a really high expense. Similar to the per passenger fares in first class, choosing to charter a private jet offers much more convenience, privacy and saves time in comparison to commercial flying. Part of this is that a small jet doesn’t have the delays of commercial flying, and has many more places to takeoff and land. The small jets can land in approximately 5400 airports as opposed to only 580 airports able to handle the commercial size jets. So you have significantly reduced travel time as you can get closer to your destination.