A KTM 50 Mini Adventure


The KTM 50 Mini Adventure will be the best choice if you are finding a good starter bike for your kids. The bike is suitable for children from three and up. It is an excellent introductory bike and is preferred by most because of its speed, and the reputation of KTM in the motocross world.  You can adjust the seat from 650mm upwards. It means that should there be any accidents, the rider won’t have fall to far, preventing possible injuries.


The KTM Mini Adventure uses a 49 cc, single cylinder two stroke engine that runs on a fuel and oil mixture. It is a kick start bike, with a single gear automatic transmission, long suspension travel, and has a fuel capacity of around half a gallon. This means that fill ups will likely be frequent occurrences, though this is not necessarily a bad thing; having your three year old drive all over town is typically not something you would want. The suggested price for the bike runs just over three grand once everything is said and done, but used or older models can be acquired with fair ease by using a quick internet search. Spare and replacements parts are also available in plenty via the web, and are usually quite cheap as a result of the dirt bike’s popularity.


One of the bike’s major selling points (or problems, depending on how comfortable you are with your child) is its speed. It is a very fast bike for the size and age at which children will be riding. Some parents might be a little wary about giving this to their young children on account of how fast it can really go. However, if you are interested in your kid being a world class dirt bike racer, the speed on the Mini is an excellent starting place. It handles quite well, with both front and rear disc brakes, and the looks are very solid as it imitates its larger counterpart, which should please just about any young rider.


The bike does not have an absolutely flawless history, however; upon starting the bike up, some customers had problems keeping the engine idling and the bike would occasionally turn itself off, but the problem eventually fixed itself without any further changes. It is unknown if this a manufacturing defect of the 2008 model or not.


As far as starter dirt bikes go, the KTM Mini Adventure is one of the most popular in its class and regularly attains high scores in motorcycle reviews. There are very few bikes on that market that offer so much zoom for so little money. The Mini is a wonderful way to get your young child interested in the world of dirt biking. Just remember to keep an eye on your would be dirt bike star because the sheer power housed within the bike could easily be too much for smaller children and it could get away from them at a most inopportune time.