A Home Based Business Marketing Future


What makes a successful entrepreneur? What is it that some people have about them in order for you to want to follow them? Would you want to follow in the footsteps, of say, Richard Branson? What is it about Richard Branson and his brand Virgin that people always seem to say good things about? It all comes down to why Richard does the things he does and as a result he is able to inspire people. How do you inspire people, promote and build a Home Based Business Marketingfuture?

There are many who perceive things to be impossible. However, there are people who can make what is perceived impossible to be possible. Why is this? You may have used expressions yourself ‘No way’, ‘can that really be done’, ‘that’s impossible’ etc.

Apparently human beings have the uniqueability to perceive. As a result of this, you need to become clear on why you do the things you do. This would help you become clear on your mission and goals. Communicate your why. There are people who want to stand up and be heard. Not to be heard for the sake of it, but to share something they feel passionate about. It’s this conversation that will hit the people listening and in turn may inspire them to take some action.

So we come onto the question about what is a leader? You could class a leader as someone who gets results by telling people, or the one most favoured, is to lead by example. Those that tell do not necessarily practice what they preach. To be an empowered entrepreneur, you need to display leadership qualities linked to inspiring.

So what inspires you? How do you become inspired? There are many great movies that inspire people. Many of these give people hope, some sort of direction and maybe to challenge.

If people respect you, then you have authority through inspiration. In sales and marketing, some sales people are good at making people take action they would otherwise have taken. Is this through a process of inspiring or manipulation? A sales person is really looking for people to sign up. They hit where you are vulnerable and there might even be some trickery. Regardless how a sale is made, many sales people have done very well.  What if the same results could be achieved by inspiring people. People will start to look up to you, look at you for some inspiration to help them – help them solve their pain.

So how do you learn to be inspiring, be a leader and ultimately a successful entrepreneur? One way is to mastermind with leaders. It is said your closest 10 friends determine who you are. In other words, learn from others.

Here is an interesting story about the power of masterminding.

Boris Yeltsin, the former president of the former USSR back in the 1990s, was asked what gave him the courage to stand against the terrine of communalism. Apparently he was humbled by a man called Lech Welesa, an electrician who brought democracy to Poland. In turn Lech Welesa was inspired by an American – Dr Martin Luther King, the civil rights leader back in the 1950s/1960s. The story continues as Dr King was apparently inspired by the simple act of courage by one woman, Rosa Parks, who refused to obey a bus driver to sit at the back of the bus. From this story, the seed that was to bring down the tyrannical world of the Super Power was planted in a place called Montgomery, Alabama by a Rosa Parks by her actions on that one single day.

Are you planting such seeds today – the perspective to do what it takes to get results. When planting the seeds, it is not always clear what will grow. It is not the job of the sower to know, but as long as the seeds are nurtured will time tell whether it turns into a tall redwood forest.

Never think of the worst – take on the best. Expect the best. Surround yourself with leaders and move forward in your business today.

My name is Gary Oakes and I’m involved in helping and coaching people to consider ideas to building a business working from home, whether full or part time. Let me introduce you to a community where you can mastermind with great leaders and find out their secrets and strategies to building a successful business working from home. If you wish to know more about what is required to start a Home Based Business Marketing future then visit freelyprosperous.com. Play the game to win.

It does not cost you anything to take a look, and you never know this might be the very thing you are looking for. I would be glad of any feedback and will answer questions with integrity and honesty.