A holiday to Lapland


Lapland is looking very much like the U.K at the moment and in fact the temperatures are probably higher than here in the U.K. The current temperature in Lapland is minus 2 with heavy snow and the current snow level on the slopes is 25cm.  Skiing is well  under way in Yllas Lapland and many activity centres are already running their programme of events to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Some of the activities you can enjoy are snowshoes through Yllas where you will put on the amazing snowshoes and trek through the forests and tracks. Snowshoes are not suitable for very young children but are great fun. The fantastic thing about snowshoes is that you don’t have to stick to one particular track and can go wherever you like, meaning you can explore Lapland and have lots of fun doing so.

Other activities going on at the moment include the cross country skiing school for families. This is a great opportunity to try something a little different from downhill skiing and the great thing is, once you have mastered the art of Cross country skiing you can go off and cross country ski alone. The cross country ski tracks are open until quite late in Yllas and there are floodlights to illuminate the tracks when darkness falls. It is a tradition to cross country ski under the stars on Christmas Eve and it is magical to explore some of the great places along the way where you can stop off for some well earned refreshments.

The Husky farm visit and sleigh safari is a real favourite with all of the family. The husky farm is a great place to visit and see and stroke some of the adorable Husky puppies before going out on a Husky Safari. A team of dogs will pull you sleigh through the forests of Lapland before stopping off and having some refreshments in the hut. You will then travel back and there is the opportunity to drive and command your own Husky sleigh.

The final activity I will mention is the magic of old Lapland, of course there are many other activities to enjoy and I have just picked the most popular. The magic of old Lapland is a trip to the largest coulee Lake in Scandinavia. There you can see the force of the water after it melted after the last ice age and learn how Lapland inhabitants lived and survived years ago.  The trip involves a snowmobile drive covering 70 kilometres and it is a great way to experience the snowmobiles and see and enjoy the beautiful Lapland scenery.