A Holiday Nearer To Home


When searching for the perfect getaway, most people will head straight for the nearest travel agents and book something that involves a beach, several bars and a whole host of good intentions. However, before you rush off to explore another country for that all important break, it is worth considering exploring your own.

Many people in the UK have still seen just a small section of what our beautiful and diverse country has to offer. A surprisingly large proportion of these have never even spent any time in our nation’s capital.

Whilst we may not always have the sun on our side, there are numerous benefits to taking a holiday in your own country. Whilst there is much to be said for exploring other cultures, fully understanding your own is one of the most important aspects of personal growth.

Discovering the beauty and history of your own country comes with other benefits too. For instance the cost will be less, with even central London hotels being reasonably priced compared to some you may find abroad, whilst travel costs will be almost negligible. There are the environmental benefits, with a smaller carbon footprint left by your less damaging journey, and also economical ones, with the money being spent in the UK being a boost to our economy.

Hotels in London can afford you not only the culture of our capital but also the beauty of many of the surrounding areas. Even central London hotels are easily accessible by public transport from many of the most beautiful and historic sights the world has to offer.

Try picking up a British travel guide and find out how exploring your own country can be an even more fulfilling holiday than that one spent in English pubs eating English food and watching English TV abroad. You are likely to find much more by booking hotels in London than just about anywhere else in the world.