A Great Way for Bloggers to Make Money Online

A Great Way for Bloggers to Make Money Online

In this video, Jen Clarke, who, along with her mom, Elke CLarke, mentors and teaches creative entrepreneurs, talks to you about how she discovered Zazzle as a great way bloggers can make money online.

Get more details in the companion blog post at www.elkeclarke.com/blog coming out on Wednesday April 4th

Are you a blogger who is frustrated with how little blogging is actually earning you? Do you have a big list? You can easily be an affiliate on Zazzle or if you are creative you can also start selling virtual products without any cost to you.

Our free eBook is a great way to get started on Zazzle. http://elkeclarke.com/10-insider-tips-on-how-to-make-money-online/

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