A Great Time to Implement Jamie McIntyre Property Investment Strategies


Although Jamie McIntyre property investment strategies have been used by a lot of investors to create wealth in the past, many are steering clear of real estate in Australia today. The value of the Australian dollar continues to rise and, coupled with the astronomical property taxes, it just isn’t a good time to buy Australian property. Fortunately, Jamie McIntyre property investments go much further than the typical advice given by financial advisors to “buy and hold”.

Jamie McIntyre began warning investors of the upcoming real estate bust in 2005 when others were advising that it was the best time ever to buy a house. Jamie McIntyre property investment advice to members of 21st Century Academy and others looking for expert advice included specific stocks to avoid. By the end of 2008, Jamie was proven right as the housing market had collapsed and the companies he had profiled were either bankrupt or had suffered severe stock declines.

Today, Jamie McIntyre is issuing an even greater warning that involves all areas of the market. He is encouraging investors who haven’t learned the skill sets and strategies for E-minis, Forex, and share renting to learn those skills and use a combination of investment strategies along with real estate investments to protect themselves in the upcoming turmoil in the market. For those who don’t think they have the capital to invest, part of the Jamie McIntyre property investment advice he is making available is for Baby Boomers to use some of their equity in their homes to invest in shares that will benefit both the investor and their country.

Equity plays a large role in the Jamie McIntyre property investment strategies taught at 21st Century Academy and Australians are sitting on massive amounts of equity. This equity could be used to help balance the excess money tied up in these types of non-productive assets and the lack of investments into Australian companies needed to expand productivity and employment for the economy. At the same time, it can help provide income to the property owners.

Some of the strategies investors learn from Jamie McIntyre property investment strategies include taking a line of credit from the equity in an individual’s home. If the Baby Boomers would follow this advice now, they could take out part of the equity of their homes in order to buy shares in the ASX and then rent them out. Not only would this supply needed capital to the country in order to expand growth, it would create more income for them.

Jamie McIntyre property strategies are useful for today’s investor and those who have owned their homes for a number of years. In addition to supplying investors with the strategies for making more money, Jamie McIntyre property investment can also help them lead a better life now instead of waiting until they retire.