A Duplicate Content Checker show you if someone is scraping your content

A Duplicate Content Checker show you if someone is scraping your content

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A Duplicate Content Checker show you if someone is scraping your content https://youtu.be/jz0ddfLaCmI

1. http://copyscape.com/
2. http://www.seoreviewtools.com/duplicate-content-checker/

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Duplicate content checkers will compare the content of your site to the content in their database to see if anyone has copied your content verbatim.

Google is aware of the duplicate content problem and it has tried to address it by always ranking the original publisher of the content higher.

However the publish dates are easily changed inside most website platforms, including WordPress. So someone who is copying your content can change the publish date of the material to be before your publish date.

So it will appear to Google that the copy cat is the original publisher of the content.

That is why you would want to Google duplicate content checker.

Another common use for these checkers is teachers and professors who want to make sure that a student’s work isn’t plagiarized.

There are thousands of schools across the country where this type of monitor for plagiarism is employed.

Also, if you have people write content for your website either as a guest post or as a staff writer, you’ll want to check their submissions with a duplicate content detection software like Copyscape or SEO Review Tools.

If you find value in using these tools, Copyscape has a Copycentury subscription which will check your site’s content against its database on a regular basis.

As soon as it sees duplicate content you’ll be notified.

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