A Cruise and a Cup of Tea in Dorset


A cruise is a fine way to enjoy your holiday while staying at one of the Dorset holiday cottages. You can take a nice cruise while staying at the holiday cottages and when you get back from your cruise you can enjoy a nice cup of tea before returning to one of the comfortable Dorset holiday cottages. The holiday cottages offer excellent accommodation for families and groups. Here is one cruise and one tea house you should try while staying at the holiday cottages.

Brownsea Island Cruise

One of the best cruises to take while staying at the luxurious Dorset holiday cottages is the Brownsea Island Cruise. You can choose to board the cruise either from Bournemouth or Swanage. The cruise goes to Brownsea Island. The cruise will last for one and a half hour. The Brownsea Island Cruise will take you past the beautiful beaches to Poole Island. Once you get to Brownsea Island, you can choose to either stay on board or go and explore the island. Brownsea Island is a great place to explore with your children. Some of the animals you will see on the island are; Sika deer, peacocks, red squirrels and other wildlife. Some of the places to visit on Brownsea Island are the castle and chapel. When you explore the island, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape. There is a cafe on Brownsea where you can pick some snacks or even have a delicious lunch. You can walk around and explore the island before boarding the vessel to return to the holiday cottages.

Blue Pool and Tea House

Now that you are back in Dorset, you can take a trip to the Blue Pool and Tea House. The tea house was built back in 1935 and is one of the well known places to sit back and enjoy a cup of special English tea. The tea house is situated just a short distance away from the Dorset holiday cottages. The Blue Pool is one of the highlights of the tea house. This pool is special in that it changes colour from turquoise to green due to the presence of fine clay in the water. This is because of the rays of light that pass through the water in the pool. The tea house was built with sand and lime brick and blends excellently with the surroundings. The Blue Pool and Tea House is a great place to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea or coffee if you are staying at the holiday cottage. You can also go there for a nice snack and a cup of tea. A cup of hot coffee and some freshly baked scones is great to get you started on your day. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch here while staying at one of the Dorset holiday cottages. This tea house is pet-friendly; however, you will need to keep the dog on a lead at all times.