A Complete Guide to Dry Shampoo


With many advances in technology, from gas conserving automobiles, solar panels, to communication, you might Imagine that they would invent a nice product that would give us a few extra minutes in the morning to at least enjoy all that technology around us. Well, it’s not a recent invention, however in the past year or so, Dry Shampoo has been coming back, in an impressive way.

Dry Shampoo will not give you too much free time that we all need, but what it can provide is the prospect to freshen up your hair without suffering through much of the trouble of actually going in the shower and soaking your hair, pursued by the unavoidable thirty minutes of drying and styling your hair. Dry Shampoo is truly easy; you only have to sprinkle it on your hair and it absorbs a large portion of the oil and dirt to offer you a cleaner hair. Mind you, that if you have a heavy build up of products such as moose or hairspray in your hair, it does not do its job as well as intended, and you might have to go back to conventional shampoo.

Dry Shampoo has had its uses increased significantly by frequent travelers. It is excellent for anyone who jumps on and off of planes and trains where a nice shower is, often, not around; particularly, when travelling to nations , where not every room has its own shower. In fact many business men and women who often travel to developing nations love the fact that they can bag a tiny bottle of dry shampoo and bring it along to other countries, to ensure that they can be clean and comfortable.

with its increase in usage and demand, many vendors are introducing their own line of dry shampoos. Heidi Montag, a famous celebrity , in fact introduced her own brand of Dry Shampoo. But don’t worry, if your popular drug store does not sell a dry shampoo, it is not very hard to make on your own, using common household materials. In fact, it’s very easy to create and you could modify the ingredients around to see what best works for you and your needs. a lot of people find corn meal works excellent at extracting the dirt from their hair. Some people, also try it with corn starch, talcum powder and some times ground oatmeal. Many guides are provided around the web, however it might take a little playing around before you find the only one that does the best job for your hair.

remember, dry shampoo is not for everyday use, but fantastic for when you are in a rush, but you need to make sure to comb out all the powder.

Lastly, it is only suggested to use if an obstacle limits you from using a regular. If you have no problems getting in the shower then continue doing so. But, if you visit other countries a lot, go camping a lot, are simply too lazy to shower on every day, or simply like your hair fresh at all times, then give dry shampoo a shot, you might just be surprisingly satisfied.