A Cape Town loft


Capetonians are slowly beginning to change their ideas of what define Cape Town luxury apartments. Firstly, the estate agents are no longer correct, location isn’t everything. The creative duo, consisting of a magazine editor and an art dealer, found their dream apartment in the middle of an office block. Cape Town luxury apartment rentals should no longer be judged on the amount of space they occupy, as the couple’s gem of an apartment measures a meager 68m2.


The couple was not looking for a loft apartment at the time but the large amounts of natural light as well as the wooden roof beams were just too difficult to pass up, the red brick walls they learned to love. The couple was originally planning to renovate the space, adding a separate bedroom, but instead opted to keep the open plan design as it was and instead incorporate the bedroom as part of the living space.


By painting everything white, the walls, the shelves, some of the fixtures, a sense of space is achieved in  Cape Town luxury apartments, there is a reason why the space conscious Danish decorate their notoriously small accommodation in nothing but the crispest white.


In such a small space, storage is of course a challenge, the couple have incorporated storage in every inch of unused space, such as deep drawers under the bookshelf, hidden all over the kitchen and the tall bedroom cupboards providing plenty of room. Unfortunately some space indulgences have to be sacrificed, while the couple refused to go without a bath, they opted instead for a smaller square tub, just large enough for an adult to sit cross legged in.


The couple was faced with the problem of finding small furniture and products for their loft, but surely with the recent rise in the demand for city living, manufacturers will cotton on to the needs of their customers.