A Botswana Safari for Your Next Holiday!


Modernization has consumed most of the natural wilderness of the world. Botswana is one of the very few un-spoilt places that are still very near to the real natural world, and that is why a Botswana Safari is considered as one of the finest way to enjoy an adventure vacations. Botswana’s major tourist attraction is the arranged safaris that are so popular among the people over the whole world.

The largest inland delta of the world is Okavango Delta of Botswana. Okavango River is unique in itself because of the fact that unlike most of the rivers throughout the world that flows into the sea, the Okavango River reaches the Kalahari Desert and dissolves there. Duba Plains is the finest remote safari camps in the Okavango Delta that offers you the real experience of travelling through Africa’s mainland. The Duba plain is an Island that remains surrounded by flood plains. The flood occurs at different periods of the year. The area is famous for its wild life variety that includes lions, elephants and buffalo along with many other species.

On the other hand, if you want a safari with more levels of comfort, you may choose to visiting Xigera Camp which is located at the centre of Okavango Delta where you will be able to enjoy some of their highly organized luxury tents.

Okavango Delta has a lot to offer for the tourists as the Moremi Game Reserve is also located within the delta. It is a favorite place for the lovers of photographic safaris. Mombo Camp makes the Moremi Game Reserve a special treat to visit for the tourists. The tents at the camp are raised at a low height so that the wildlife may roam round the tents freely while you will be sleeping or viewing the wild life in a most safe and secure way.