9 Fun Things to Do In Las Vegas


– The strip at night. Your jaw will drop with the shimmery, shiny lights. It’s just amazing!

– Bellagio Water Fountains. This may seem like a boring option given all that there is to do in Vegas but really, you need to see Bellagio Water Fountains dance and leap.

– Mandalay Bay’s swimming pools. They offer beaches, an outdoor casino, wave pool, lazy river, beach and several large pools. The only draw back to seeing these pools is if you want access to the pool area you will have to show a room key.

– Stratosphere Tower and Thrill Rides. If heights or thrills aren’t your thing you should probably skip this attraction. At the Stratosphere you can ride three different thrilling rides. The Big Shot – will shot you up 160 feet to the top of the Stratosphere and then drop back down like a bungee. If that’s not thrilling enough for you then there’s the X-Scream that hurls you off the edge of the tower at 30 miles per hour. Finally there is the Insanity. This spinning ride is similar to what you would find at a carnival only this ride is hanging off the edge of the building.

– Blue Man Group Show. Ugh, I personally don’t like these guys but I know most people do. If the Blue Man Group isn’t your cup of tea then go see Cirque De Soleil’s O or Lance Burton’s magic show.

– The Hotels themselves. While in Vegas you should definitely check out the amazing hotels themselves. Not only will you see some amazing hotels but it also won’t cost you a thing. Treasure Island, Bellagio, New York New York, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Wynn and The Venetian are some good choices.

– Buffets. No trip to Vegas would be complete with a glutenous trip to the buffet. The Wynn Las Vegas Buffet is one of the best buffets on the strip but it’s not cheap so go hungry.

– The Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage Dolphin Habitat. This is a very small zoo with rare tigers, lions and leopards. In the Dolphin Habitat you may have a dolphin interaction and play catch with a dolphin.

– This next attraction is not technically in Vegas but if you have a rental car it’s worth the drive to go see the HOOVER Dam. The drive takes less than an hour even on the busiest of days. The dam is just amazing and is a nice break from the bright lights of Las Vegas.