7 Points – Must Haves For the Success of E-Mail Marketing


Today’s marketing environment is quite complicated as it asks one to stand out as a successful marketer on the parameters such as ever changing customer expectations, challenging and cut-throat technologies and many more issues that crop up daily. Although most of the marketers are aware of what marketing demands, there are some must haves that need to be kept in mind whenever the topic of marketing arises.

1. *Permission Is Not Obligatory:* – If you are sending emails to promote your business, a single unsolicited E-mail can make you slip down from the ladder of success that you are continuously climbing. You need to make use of candid methods to get a hold of the E-mail addresses of the customers to whom you are going to send promotional E-mails. Update your E-mail addresses list on a daily basis and duly ask for the approval from those who are already receiving your E-mails.

2. *Exploitation Of Authentication Technologies:* – There are many Internet service providers who only allow E-mails from recognized senders and keep blocking all kinds of spam mails. You need to ask your ISP, which method he is presently supporting.

3. *Establishment & Building Of Trust:* – Trust is a vital building block of a strong business. You can ask your recipients to provide you with the most accurate and useful information if you feel that they have started trusting you. Make sure that you stand by the promises that you make to your recipients as they are demonstrating trust on the promises made by you.

4. *Always Give Recipients What They Want:* – Your subscribers always look towards you for some kind of genuineness and it is entirely your responsibility to see that you cater to their choices, if they get disinterested, it only takes a few seconds to unsubscribe from your E-mails.

5. *Define Your EVP (E-mail Value Proposition) With Precision:* – You need to define your EVP with complete precision, clearly stating that you will respect the privacy concern of your subscribers at every point in time. You need to provide your subscribers with a reason to open your E-mail each time they receive it. Give them an opportunity to have a look at something creative, original and interesting to them.

6. *Focus On The Quality Of List Rather Than On List Size: – *Every marketer needs to understand one normal fact, it is always good news that the size of the mailing list is increasing, but obviously not at the cost of quality. Analysis of your house lists needs to be done carefully.

7. *Complete Focus On Goals, Not On Process Metrics: – *You cannot measure the success of your E-mail campaign by just having a look at the number of open and click through rates. You need to have an approach that convinces the readers to take some fruitful action.

To wrap up, it should be clearly understood that the aforementioned points can play a crucial role in strengthening your E-mail marketing campaign.