7 Content Development Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

.tags Starting out in the field of blogging can be a confusing process to a beginner and two areas that they particular struggle with are traffic generation and content development. For those of you that are premium members of Blog Success we are running all our webinars during February on how to develop content for your blog so look out for those.

For those who will not have access to our weekly webinars I wanted to share these 7 content development blogging tips for beginners:

1. Be yourself

So important. You are going to be writing on your blog for a long time so don’t try and put on a persona that isn’t you – it will be too difficult to last.

2. Vary your posts

Use images and video not only written text when you blog. Make your titles bold, use numbers to break up your content. Do what you can to make each post you write different.

3. Reference your blog posts

If you are going to use a quote from another blog or use a paragraph that you found on their blog make sure you link back to them.

4. Use tags

Tags are used in search results so make sure you always include them on every blog post that your write.

5. Use your keywords and vary them

You won’t get anywhere as a blogger if you don’t know who your audience is and you have no idea whether they are interested in what you are blogging about so do your research. Once you figure out the best keywords for you then use them when you write blog posts and don’t always use the same one over and over – vary the ones you use.

6. Make it easy for people to share what you write

Do you have a social plugin attached to your blog? Make it easy for people to share your blog post on Twitter and Facebook at the very least and go for something like Onlywire.com to make it easy for them to share in other places.

7. Join in the conversation

When your readers leave great comments follow them up with a response of your own whenever you can. It will help to keep the blog post ‘alive’ and encourage more comments.

When you start out as a blogger there are so many different things you have to focus on and even if you mess up most of them if you can get your content right you are 80% of the way towards succeeding. The phrase content is king came about for a reason and ultimately it is one of the things that matters the most.

Are there any other content development tips that you consider to be important?