7 Best Conversion Optimization Techniques & Tools For Internet Marketers Growing An Online Business!

7 Best Conversion Optimization Techniques & Tools For Internet Marketers Growing An Online Business!

Not generating enough leads and sales to reach your income goals? You have a conversion problem! This video covers my seven top conversion optimization techniques you can use with your content marketing to scale your online business fast.

Creating conversion mechanisms and optimizing them so your generating more leads and more sales with the same amount of traffic, is the fastest path to growth and income, online.

A very important note here, these conversion optimization techniques work best with content marketing or paid traffic. You are not able to stop the content marketing or paid traffic efforts while working on implementing these conversion tools and techniques.

The video gives you a comprehensive look at the main conversion optimization areas within your website and marketing funnel, but I’ll cover them briefly here in the description, too.

1- Your opt in page: it is no secret that I believe your email list is the most valuable asset within your Internet based business. Your opt in pages one of the core ways that visitors reach your list especially if you are focused on paid traffic, YouTube, or podcasting.

If you’re running paid ads, or you have a YouTube channel or podcast that you’re focusing your content marketing efforts on, you can run your opt in page as your homepage to get started… Like I show in this video series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsUNFZhqkEA&list=PL0sOKzn__yK3iOONk6-QP0Se2G23ZcuWL

If you are a blogger focusing on writing content on WordPress, your opt in page can live on a sub page in your website… Like how mine runs at https://www.milesbeckler.com/free–course

2-Split testing your opt in page: building your first opt in page is required step, but optimizing fat opt in page to convert 30%, 40%, 50%+ visitors into leads is required for your long-term list growth.

You can split test the layout, the headline, the offer… Ultimately you need to find that combination that gets you the most conversions because your list will grow faster and you will understand more insight as to what your audience truly desires…

This insight helps you create the right products and make the right offers in the future!

3- Content overlays: if you are using the written word and blogging through WordPress, or if you have a system in place to create blog posts from your videos and podcast episodes… This may be your fastest mechanism for list growth.

Content overlays include pop-ups, welcome gates, fly ends, ribbons and are all displayed alongside of your long form blog that gets returned as results from Google and other search engines.

For my wife and I, these are our largest list growth conversion mechanism.

4- Custom homepage: when visitors reach your site from search engine results, they will often check your homepage after reading the blog post they entered on. Making sure you have an opt in above the fold on a custom homepage is Keith… And I reveal a few other tips too.

5- Your sales page: whether you are selling coaching, consulting, services, info products, membership access, etc.… The page in which you deliver the offer is vital to your long-term success. You will want to split test the offer, a video sales letter versus text sales letter, headlines, and more…

6- One click upsell: presenting a second offer after the user completes the checkout process is a fast way to increase the average order value. When done correctly, your audience will appreciate the offer and you will earn additional income from the same number of customers. You must test the offer, the headline, the copy, the sales video.

7- Child theme: customizing your child theme so that your blog content includes add spaces, opt in areas and additional short codes are yet another way to optimize for conversions.