6 Simple Ways to Explode Your Email Marketing Campaign With an Autoresponder


1. Offer a straightforward 7 day email course.

Create a Seven step email course or make use of your articles to build a course that you could offer to your potential customers.

This will allow you to educate potential visitors about your product, and boost your sales by building trust and showing them the benefits from buying from you.

2. Send snippets of your ebook to your list.

Boost your sales by providing your visitors firsthand the awesome information you can provide them.

Simply put together snippets of several or just one section of your ebook and then simply offer the autoresponder sequence to your potential customers.

If you own an affiliate program, boost your sales by making the series of emails (and any other email course you offer) accessible to your affiliates.

3. Publish an ezine.

With broadcast competent autoresponders, you can double opt in all your brand new subscribers and publish each issue on the schedule you desire.

Market your ezine on your website, then submit it to ezine directories and ezine broadcast lists.

If you publish articles, you also attract further new subscribers by using your resource box to advertise the ezine.

You could furthermore market your ezine in your signature in your email and pick up further subscribers throughout the day and also from your posts in discussion lists and forums that you are an associate of.

4. Offer a free of charge sample issue.

Make your top current ezine issue accessible by autoresponder.

After that promote it on your website, also include it with your other ezine information when you submit your ezine to ezine directories.

5. Announce an article announcement list.

Attract extra ezine publishers and webmasters to broadcast your articles on a regular basis by building a list that announces as soon as you have written a brand new article.

You will also be able to touch base with people that benefit from your writing on a regular basis, thus helping you to get your articles published more frequent and boost traffic to your website.

6. Produce a training course accessible to your affiliates.

Promote a email training course that your affiliates could make use of to gain knowledge of how to successfully market your products and earn more commissions.

Your affiliates will then receive a usable resource that they could print and go back to, and you will be able to expand your profits by assisting your affiliates to get on track in the right direction.