5 Tips on Generating Traffic to Your Blog


You just have to write articles with different topics and post it to your website. But that does not end there because blogs are meant to be read by everyone unless it’s a private blog. Blogs can be a good source in generating extra income especially if it’s a good blog. A good blog increases number of viewers and get viewer’s comments and suggestions. Increasing the number of viewers generates traffic to your website and thus increasing chances of getting more money from your blog. Then again, a good blog is never enough in generating traffic.

Consider some 5 tips below in helping you gain traffic to your blog:

Create a Good website
This is the first step before blogging. You can use a free website or make your own. Your website must be unique and creative in design and content. Make your website stand out against millions of other standard websites in the internet.

Look for a good topic and make a good title
Check out the millions of fresh information on the internet. Choose the one that interests you and you have a good background of. Then make a good and interesting title, one that can easily catch everyone’s attention. To be sure that you are making a good title, try a survey by asking your friends if they think it’s a good and interesting one. That way, you are sure that your instincts are good.

Start writing a good blog
Make sure that the topics you choose are new and unique. Make your article relevant and well updated. Blogs that have old and common topics are boring and are less likely to be read and visited. Take time to browse on the freshest facts and information on the internet and add your wit and unique style to it to make it a good one for your blog.

Use advertisements
Advertise your blog to popular website especially if you’re an independent and self-sustaining blogger. You need big websites to back you up so link your website to popular networking sites on the internet.

The power comments
Take time to leave comments to other blogs that are also generating traffic. That way, you are able to build relationships, get loyal readers and you get to advertise your page by posting your link to your friend’s blog page. Another thing is always reply to the comments left to you by your visitors on your blog. Doing this allows you to send the latest news and regular updates to your loyal viewers on your website. Lastly, by following the steps above, you’re sure to get your target number of viewers to your site thus generating your blog traffic!